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Dizzy ,put your entry in luv ,you never know I may be travelling up that way after xmas :)


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Thank you everyone.
Entries are now closed.
I'll be handing these to the judges this afternoon and will announce the winner tonight.
I appreciate that you like my photos enough to enter:)
Good luck all :)


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The judges are having a hard time deciding so would like to award a few consolation prizes which I have agreed to.:)*
These will be for a photoshoot but does not include printed copies of the photos.Only digital copies will be available and you will need to print these yourself.They will be made available on disc or sent via email.

Stand by ..........waiting waiting on a final decision :)


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OK we have a decision.
Thank you to everyone who entered ,thank you to the judges.

For those that answered with Judaroo Pantomime or Pud .......I'm afraid this is incorrect.I don't OWN Pud ,my 11 yr old daughter Emma does.Was a bit of a trick question which many of you fell for !One persons entry was not considered as they originally had Pud then went in and edited the names.(I saved all of the posts as they were posted in case someone did this;) ).

So the winners.........

For the two consolation prizes of a photoshoot and digital copies of the photos go to Deschuur and Shannon.

A special prize that was decided by me and me alone as I appreciate the girls honesty...she did not try to go looking on my website or anything like that ,she just gave a really honest answer and that goes to Trippa.This is for a photoshoot and digital copies of photos.

and the winner of the photoshoot competition who the judges thought gave an extremely genuine answer and had all horses that I own correct goes to

Biscay .

Congratulations everyone and could those people please contact me to confirm their prizes.

kindest regards


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Congratulations to Biscay the winner! And to Deschuur, Shannon and Trippa!

Well done....I think it was hard to pick which one as all the entries were good and lovely photos everyone!



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@)@) OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @)@)

Oh wow, I am totally speechless ( okay, so first for everything !!!).

Awwwww sheesh thanks so much to the judges and Samm :) You have no idea what this means to me.... oh wow........


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Big Congrats Biscay, I just love to see how much some owners care for their horses. Hope you wont be so hard on yourself now :D

Well done to the other place getters and all the other entrants. Especially those that got caught out!!!!!!:p

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Congratulations everyone! And i cant wait to see the pics you get taken!

Samm i really think im gunna have to pick a time and get you to take some pics of my boys, it would be so special to me to have some gorgeous pics :) But our paddocks are terrible this year so might try and find somewhere nice and green for the shoot? Not sure how ill do that but a sandy paddock will ruin the picks :p

Once again Congratulations to the much deserved winners :))


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hi samm, i cant belive i won a photoshoot....

i was going to enter my mum over the weekend but i didnt have a chance!

YAY i cant wait!!!



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Wow I am pleased as punch to win something:D Will make sure Frits is sparkling for the occasion:D So looking forward to seeing the results:D

Congratulations Biscay:D Wombat will be gorgeous:D

Congratulations Trippa and Shannon too:)


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Woohoo Donna Congratulations and a big congratulations to all the other winners. That was tricky Samm and thanks for sponsoring such a great competition.
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