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Billabrook Welsh Spirit (Spree)

Teringal Cream Puff (Molly)

Judaroo Legend

i would love to win a photo shoot of Diva as she means the world to i would love to have something that can hang on my wall forever and ever and im not very good at taking pics... so here is Divas story since we have had her (just under a year)....

When i first saw Diva she was in a 60 acre paddock
with about 30 other retried pacers some had raced some had not
many i could dream about
but only one could could take my heart,
she was sparky the beautiful standy
built like a QH and a nature of a tb
she was untried and very firey
the owner warned "you wont get near her"
i came so close she moved away
i left her most of the day while i stood back and watched
she slowly came close i turned around just in time
to give her a pat she stood so still i patted her over
it was then i decided that she was mine

she needed work, she hadnt jumped,
she was no where near the pony club mount
that i day dreamed, i had imangined
it took 6 months to get her perfect
she would now come runnng for some attention
she would work and love it
then came horro she ran though a fence
just an couple of months later
i balled my eyes out i was so upset
she soon recovered
next was the art of flying or
should say jumping
we soon mastered it
as she had with the rest of it
we were soon flying 70cm
which if u were onboard u
would feel like u touched the sky

next was pony club
not only mine but her first time.
she was a jem she was a delight
she cantered in circle all day long,
she had so much energy she was
ready to be taken out of her comfort zone
with out putting up a fight she was the best
there Yes i know she wasnt push button
nor was she the best at games
but she was mine, my pride and my joy
i had put so many hours into her and my reward was
pure sweetness a ride at pony club all i
had ever dreamed about.

if i was asked to describe her
it would be would be the hardest thing
as there are so many words that were spot on
but i think maybe a diamond ,
the rarest gem of them all
and a girls best friends
wht else could you want??


sorry its so long...
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Tap, Pud (with Xtra Pudding), Prince

I'd like a really nice photo of my girl Poppy. I just cannot seem to get a nice natural shot of her. I'd really like to have a special one of her with my old boy and her best mate Barney.

Omega Conquest

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Ok 3 horses :)

Judaroo Pantomime (Pud)
Billabrook Welsh Spirit (Spree)
Llangollen Tapdance (Tap)

I would love a photo shoot with you because every photo iv seen of yours have been absolutly stunning and you seem to be able to catch the exact moment which we all see in our horses but never seem to be able to get in a photo!! I would love great photos of my boy like the ones we see of ur ponies all the time :) stunning... :)* Ones i can treasure and have forever :)


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Ok, firstly (and if I don't get this right you should probably shoot me considering all the correct entries above me!), three of your lovely herd include:
1. Llangollen Tapdance
2. Judaroo Pantomine
3. The Fa Away Star

Now I would like to win the photoshoot for a horse that is not mine, nor do I lease him or ride him. His name is TJ and he is a chestnut QH x TB that belongs to Gypsy's (my lease horse's) young owner. Gypsy and TJ's owner is only 16 years old, but she is pretty amazing. She is an incredibly hard worker and she is exceptionally dedicated to her horses and indeed, all her animals, as well as animals in general. She has gone out of her way to help me out by allowing me to part lease her gorgeous mare and after a bad fall that put me in the emergency department she was remarkably caring and understanding and she has helped me regain my lost confidence. She demonstrates maturity and work ethic well beyond her years and despite the hours of backbreaking work she puts in she still retains her genuine passion for horses. I know she would truely adore a photo shoot of her beloved boy and I hope you will genuinely consider my entry as she certainly deserves it!

mum of five

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your horseys
The fa away star-spunky boy
Judaroo pantomine-love that blaze, is she in foal?
llangollen Tapdance

Life is just to short to not have something to remember that moment when you fell in love with your horse all over again, the moment they took your breathe away and you got those little goose bumps you only ever get when something really special happens. To truely be in love with the equine species is a gift that some may never know, fortunately most of us on here are touched everyday and amazed that we were given the opportunity to share our lives with these fabulous creatures. If I did happen to win this prize I would want Mel to choose on the day who she wanted to photograph, because she will know who would touch her sole and give her something back for sharing such a gift with me;)


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The Fa Away Star *Prince* stallion
Llangollen Tapdance *Tap* colt
Billabrook WelshSpirit *Spree* mare

The horse I would love a PHOTOSHOOT for would be my cheeky boy!
Name: CM Cullen Eachan *Cullen* gelding
Age: 26 months
Breed: Cleveland Bay x

The reasons for the fact that your photos is just absolutely stunning and you really capture the eye for it and the personality of your magnificent do take better photos that what I could offer even we have the exactly the same camera lol

I would love a photo of my cheeky boy, Cullen, whether playing or possibility ridden....

Would be chuffed to have one or more photos to put my favourite photo album to treasure with! However I am based in Qld but you can fly up to meet your Arab friends and be on your way to see me and Cullen also armed with your camera!

Good luck everyone.....:)*




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1. pud
2. tap
3. spree

i would love a photoshoot of my horse wiley as he honestly needs all the help he can get to make him look good :p hes fat and *cough*ugly*cough* and has a distinct love of anything technology related so getting a decent photo of him is almost impossible unless i want a picture of a three legged walrus or a detailed view of the inner workings of his nostrils :p

lol seriously though, wileys unlike any horse ive ever known. he's incredibly innocent and curious and he's taught me alot about horses and the way they interact with each other in a natural environment. i would love to have something to remember him by and i think that your style of photography would really suit him as he truely is a wild boy at heart.

heres a few dodgey pics:


Sweet Euphoria

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Llangollen Tapdance
Judaroo Pantomine
The Fa Away Star

Ok, mine is a bit of a sop story. I lost my boy about 3months ago due to colic complications.This horse was my life, i had him for 11 years, he was my best friend, my communicator, my shoulder to cry on, he was all that was good in a horse and he looked after me right until the end. As he stated ageing, i decided to semi-retire him and perhaps look into taking on another horse. I had in my mind exactly what i wanted to get a young gelding, i would break in myself and ultimately become MY horse. As i was discussing this with a friend....she said she knew of a young and troubled stb mare in need of a home. I never hesitated and went down to see her. The moment i saw her, i fell in love with her.....she had that same 'look' in her eye that my gelding had. That kind and soft look, although i was warned that she could be quite a handful as she came from a neglected background. I took her home the following week. 10 days later my gelding passed away.
I truely believe that it was one of those 'meant to be' situations. I believe that my gelding chose his time and accepted that this new mare was the one for me and knew that she would look after me, just as he had all those years.
We have made sooo much progress from when she first came, from a terrified unhandled horse with a rough start to life, to a horse that comes and greets you at the gate and nuzzles in your armpit for a scratch. And she is my new communicator....she hates pink....i cant put pink rugs on her i have found!! she talks to me alot and i like that. She has made me happy again, so thats why i feel that she deserves a photoshoot. :)



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Thank you to the entrants so far.

Just a reminder entries close at 11 am tomorrow (sunday) so very last chance to get your entry in.
The Winner will be announced tomorrow evening around 8 pm :)

lucas and brad

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3 of your gorgeous herd....

I would like to nominate my boy casper, ive only had him for about 7 months and we have really bonded. Casper has come along way from being a stubborn mule to a handsome showjumper, he always trys his heart out for me. Casper always looks after me whenever im with him. Since i have had casper i have become braver with showjumping. I would never get on anything with the same amount of confidence as i have when im on Casper. Since i have had casper i have been jumping 1.10m at home with absolutely no worry that he will ever refuse. Casper has taken me from a maybe eventer to a definite eventer!!!!! Casper has been a dream come true and will hopefully take me to 1* in a couple of years!!!!!!
I would love to have a photoshoot with Casper, as a proffessional can capture his true presence (as im useless with a camera).

PS i also live in Mundijong (just off Keirnan St)
Thanks Sophie.
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Ooh I'll enter :)
Judaroo Pantomime (Pud)
Billabrook Welsh Spirit (Spree)
And the ever cute Llangollen Tapdance (Tap)


I'd like a photo shoot of Hon :) Just because she is just an amazing mare. I'd like to have one of the photos taken sent to her old owners to say thankyou for giving me their pride and joy, and allowing me to continue her journey thru her life :) It'd be a small token of appreciation.
I never had a decent shot of my old mare, and I regret not taking the time for that all time perfect shot of us together (was young tho.. so didn't really think about it). I'd love to have a nice photo of either just her, or a decent one of me and her together.

Good luck to everyone too!

Ziggy the Piggy

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Pud, Tap, Spree, Prince (one extra for good measure)

I'd love a professional photo of Ziggy (thats my paly on the side). He is such an amazingly funny guy, and makes me smile when I might be otherwise feeling blue.

Hes such a doofus of a horse and the opposite to what I've always had personality wise. (I normally have a more serious type of me!)

With his funny ways he has helped me overcome my heartbreak at loosing two of my precious horses earlier this year. One inparticular, Blondie, sustained brain damage when she hit her head, and I had to watch with horror the self inflicted injuries which she was unable to control, until the vet came to euthanise her, and then, just to prove she wanted to stay with me, she refused to die, taking SEVEN injections in the end.

I'll never forget my 'little Brumby Blondie', but Ziggy looks at me with those big, soft, brown eyes, and he seems to be saying 'I know your hurting, and I'm here for you'.

I'd love a picy of my big boy.....and he's just sooo puuurdy!
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