Win a photoshoot

the fa away star
judaroo pandomime

horse i would adore a photoshoot for would be
name: Libby
age: 21
breed: arab/welsh
* your photos are stunning and really capture the personality of your subjects
*i could never in my wildest dreams take photos like that my photos are pretty bad see below

ive had libby 6 years and in that time shes had millions of snapshots. some have worked out ok others terrible. ive only been able to ever take two headshots that really capture her arrogance but yet her softness either. shes like me personality wise so its hard to explain. libby isthe most stable thing in my life and i know that i would not be the honest, opinionated and confident person today without her. shes my baby and nobody comes before her. she has given me so much confidence since ive had her and we have grown and matured together into a combination that knows and trusts each other.
*edited to add* at the wanneroo beginers day she tried her absolute hardest for me being responisive and not at all bothered by anything. even though shes not the prettiest or hackiest pony out there as a team we held our own against the hackier type ponies and got several ribbons because of it. shes worth a million dollars but shes never going to leave me until the day she passes over. she will stay with me forever.

good luck to everybody :)*
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i know this little pony very well as my horse became best friends with her and she is so cute Arwin ,and this pony is also very cute and the name is great too PUD and last but not least Tap.

I have a 4 year old gelding chestnut with four white even socks and white blaze and his name is PUD lol (his name was given as his mums racing name was sticky date and grandmother name was puddinghead)
I would love a photo shoot done of my pud as he is very special to me and my kids and i have not been able to capture this myself my pics are crap and i would never be able to afford a professional photoshot done.
we love pud heaps
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Spree, Molly and Tahalia.

I would love a photos of Frits to go on my website:) I am terrible at taking pics and don't get any great shots of him:)

Here is the boy I would like you to take pics of. (See I need photographic help:p)



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The Fa Away Star (Prince)
Llangollen Tapdance (Tap)
Billabrook Welsh Spirit (Spree formally known as The Witch)

I would love a photo of my two babies at the end of the year, playing happily together as it will mean everyithng has turned out ok, its the first year i have had a filly and that my stud plans have (hopefully) worked out :)


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Okay I would love to join in too:

Prince ( The Fa Away Star )

The horse I would love a photoshoot with is Wombat. I am not a great rider, nor do I have grand ambitions - but Wombat is a horse that I selected the mare, selected the stallion and was there when he took his first steps. It was a big thing for me to undertake, even though might seem trivial to a lot. I have loved watching him grow and cant wait to take my first ride on him.
I have not always had the greatest confidence in myself - but one thing Wombat has given me is the ability to stand up and actually admit that I am very proud of my ponee - and that I really do like him - something I have , up until him, have not been able to do. I have always felt compelled to talk myself and my horses down. It is such a lovely feeling to be able to admit you are happy with what you have - and I owe that to him. ( And besides, I cant get nice pics of him myself hehe )......


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OMG, good luck trying to judge this one Mel....**)
anyway, i will have a go.
Llangollen Tapdance--- Tap
The Fa Away Star---- Prince
Terigal Cream Puff--- Molly

Um, i guess i would get a photo shoot of our new pony with my daughter Malory, I reckon a photo showing the pure innocence and beauty of a child with her pony would be just breath taking , and would dearly love one to hang on my wall at home for everyone to see and of course those lovely soft lens thingys ( im so not camera friendly) would truely give a beautiful shot.


Well-known Member so cute
tap and

oh, theyre all cute!!!:p

i would love pics of my boy..Redman. he has taught me so much about riding and hes the horse who gave me my confidence back. I spent years trying to get his old owner to sell him to me because i so desperatly wanted him.
Ive wanted to win the Quindanning Cup since i first started going to the picnic races when i was five years old. Mum told me that the first time we ever went to watch it, i said " mum im going to win this race one day"
Red gave me that last year, and i cried when they handed me the trophy, i was so happy. Red is the best horse i have had, and i doubt i will ever have another horse i love so much as him. I will own him until he dies of old age, spoiling him rotten, and when he dies i will have him cremated so that i can be buried with his ashes when i die...many many many years from now;)
i just cant seem to get a good photo of him, i would love a photoshoot:D


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samm you will have to scrap my entry as as you know amity is now no longer mine.... but i hope someone gets a good time at having there horse taken


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*Bumping this up*
Any more entries?The sooner you get them in the longer the judges have to deliberate over the entries;)
Oh by the way I'm not judging this either.I have asked 2 other people to judge it for me :)


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Ok I'll try and have some fun

Oops forgot to put names.


I have two little babies,
One bay and one jet black
I'd like to take some photos
But I think I am too slack.

If you could come and take them
Before they get too big
I'd be ohhh so thankful
I'd even dance a jig.

But I think I better tell you
They are very very shy
When I call their names
They simply run and hide.

The photos that I've taken
Are very very bad
They look more like donkeys
Which is, of course quite sad.

So please come take their photos
I would be ohhh so happy
To have a decent photo
And not ones that are plain crappy.
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ok well i am not going to lie to ya i dont no any of your ponys exept i have read a few of your threads with ponys called pud in* but i thought i will enter

Everyone thinks there horses are special and they are indead. trippa is my special boy after racing in 2004, i got him in 06 we have done pony club, a few beginner encouragment shows and last we competed in the silver buckle western shows and have been doing quite well. He has had his fair share of problems with his stifle and back etc but he is better now so we are having lessons to improve my riding and his learning to. I would love the chance to have a profecional photograph taken of trippa so i can give it to my mum for christmas because she has done so much for trippa and I in the past 2 years i have owned him and she isnt even horsey( well wasnt beofre hand). mum is the best person to go to shows with, she will brush him, buys hi food etc so i think i lovely photo of trippa and or trippa and I would be great:)*

thanks guys:)*


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The Fa Away Star, Arwen & Magnetar

I would like to enter and try win a photoshoot for my first foal I have bred. Badger. I do not get to see Badger much nor get to see him grow up into the handsome colt I know he will be. Would like to have some of those fantastic photos that you do that immortilise your horse forever. So he could hang on my wall forever and I would be that one step closer to him although we are miles apart.


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Ok I'm going to say Prince(cos he's a hunk man), Tap cos love the name tapdance and is VERY cute and Pud cos I love Puds blaze!

I don't have a horse anymore but I'm sure E4E would let me take some with Halligan as he was my first horse and she now has him, hence why I'd like photos of him, because I still dearly love him and miss him and he's a great big spunk! Either him or my dog Ralph if that's an option? Cos he's my baby and the biggest dag, once you see him you know why his name's Ralph! :) he's a lab x retriever.


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Ok three horses. The ever gorgeous PUD, Cute as a button TAPDANCE and lovely PRINCE.

I would like to enter my filly Daisy. She started of as a weedy looking 2yr old but there was potential hiding under those fuglies!!!!

I have had her for 7 weeks and she has just blossomed, she really is turning out to be a beautiful swan. I have always dreamt of owning my very own fairytale horse and she is it.

She makes me love her like i loved my pony when i was 10 (you know that feeling, you would just die without them) I have loved every horse i have ever owned but Daisy seems to be able to touch my soul.
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Okay ive given into my urge and entered- how can i resist!
Okay some of your ones are Pud, Tap, Prince, Molly, Arwen, Spree... :D

I would like to enter my pony Bickie,

It was just the other day i was watching back some old video of when we first got this pony, from victoria, me and my sister had had to sell our galloway a few years back, he was our first pony and then we had a break from horses for 4 years- not our choice but worried parents.

We finally conned mum into getting a pony and the one we enquired about was sold, "But i have a lil pally if your interested", said the lady, "he hasnt done much and is just waisting in my paddock." Once we seen him we knew he was it! The fire in his eye, the spunk in his trot, he was ours! So me and my sister put our money together, he was going to be ours! The 5 days of him on a truck felt like 5 years! The morning he arrived, it was early cold morning, he stept off the truck almost in slow motion, with a few misty snorts and i was in ore of this boy! He ran and he ran and he ran! Then he ate...

After a few weeks we started to wonder what have we gotten in for... He was barely handleable, he was strong and pushy and rude, arrogent to say the least. Try and ride him? No way! Attemt to bath and he'll snap the string no chance of a hose near him! Our first attempt of trimming his hooves, it took the farrior an hr and 15 mins, he reared and reared! We were told by a vet, this pony is wild, sell him and cut your losses! The number of times i came home in tears as all i wanted was a pony!

But this was our pony, the one we had worked 8 years to get! So we were going to do it right, he was a blank canvas and this man had soo much potential! So we trained, and we persisted, night and day, and we started to see progress. It used to take 25 mins to catch him, now without fail he WILL be waiting at the gate for me with a huge neigh, and if hes far away, he will run his heart out to get to me and stop a few cms away!

18 months on, this man is the BEST pony i could ask for! He is always happy to see me, he now will stand for a bath and enjoys it, for the farrior he doesnt even need to be tied, he can be ridden bareback in a halter at canter and pull up in a second, he can come out of the paddock without being ridden for weeks, startight into a show with no warmup and win champion and do the best workout he can do! He went to the royal show, we werent going to push him for ridden but he almost insisted, he didnt bad an eyelid the whole day and when he won his 1st ribbon, i wept... He trys so hard for me and he trusts me. He loves going for bush rides on a loose rein, its our fav thing to do. He now respects my space, will move off 1 finger! Lets me dress him up in anything i want, he has matured a million times beyond his years!

So i would absolutely love to win this photoshoot because i am just soo proud of how far he has come and im proud of myself for getting him there. He will be with me for life thats for sure, This pony has the spunk and charm to win anyone over and he will bring you joy to meet him! Its been an honour being in his life and im a better person for it :D

Congratulations to everyone who has entered, there are some amazing horses out there! And whoever wins is guaranteed an awesme shoot. Now for some pics hehe

such as shame this blurred

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