WIN: A free service to our pinto Saddlebred stallion aa Nitro!

Playin With Fire

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So did I...
I think it will be exciting to follow the story of the mare and foal! We have followed Nitros journey, with all its ups n downs, why stop there!


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And the winner is....

Jodie Metcalf AKA wattle6180!

Congratulations and Merry Christmas, one Nitro foal coming your way :) :) :)

I just want to also thank everyone that entered, in the end we couldn't choose a winner and took a bunch of our favourite entries and drew the winner randomly from a hat.


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<<<<< Is jumping for JOY for me mate Jodles!!!!!!!
Well done you deserve it mate :)
cant take the grin of my face for you lol
What a Super Dupper Xmas Prezzie


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I am going to use my 16.2hh Bay TB mare - Impulsive Girl. She is of a similar type to Saddlebreds. She also has the most adorable, trainable temperament that I can only hope she passes to her foal. She's been a broodmare for 13 years now and has produced 3 to race that have all been winners, plus a cpl of not yet raced.

This is her this morning at agistment being brought in so I can check her over.

Note, my son had never ridden a quad, and my OH only once before lol...polly just puts up with everything. Hopefully we will have a big. loud pinto eventer in the near future. :D

Thx again sil!!!! More pics here


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Well today I met the BIG fellow and he is just stunning!!! So sweet and so LARGE :D

Thankyou so much again for today Sil, can't wait to see you again in a cpl of weeks, with Miss Polly in tow :D

From today :D


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Out of all the photos you took today, you picked that one! hahaha

It's my giraffe!
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