Who to insure with- agistment and training


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Hey i want to look into insurance for agistment. Who is good to go with?
Also i read one post saying the signed paperwork that your liable isnt worth what its written on???
Currently ive only had my efa insurance to cover me riding the horses i train but do i need to cover the horses aswell or is that the owners responsibility?


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You will find that there is only one company that insures horse businesses that comply with Australian Law. That is Lloyds of London. You can be insured by them through their brokers, AON Risk Services in South Australia, they do the EFA in Australia too.
We are insured through Lloydes with our Carriage Business and our Agistment Centre.

Please try not to shop around for a "better deal" as other companies are more then happy to take your money but have no reason to pay claims as they are not recognised by Australian Law, these companies hold funds in places like the Caymen Islands where we can't touch it.

The paper that your Agistment contract is written on is worth it's weight and we have one too, but I would never have a business that wasn't insured for public liability just in case, (god forbid) so you are more likely to retain a lifestyle after a claim.

Good Luck!!


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Shmoo just looking at our insurance, could you PM with what they offer for the agistment side of things so that I can compare whith what I have. Thanks:)


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Schmoo could you PM me the details about agistment insurance as well

and tell me more about your agistment agreemnt

we are thinking of taking on agistment but its such a risk!!


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Schmoo, I'd like some more info if possible as well :)

So very much appreciated, thankyou - 1st 'sensible' thing I have heard in regards to insurance, thankyou!!

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