What size saddle?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by JuSt Me, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. JuSt  Me

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    Hey all,Chester has a 17 inch saddle,I dunno if it is wide or not..What size saddle is good for a 15.3hh? Is a 17 inch for me or for the horse?

  2. Ali

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    The saddle size ie 16inch 17 inch etc tends to be the size that is used for the rider (size of seat) so a young kid might have a 15inch saddle and an adult a 17 inch one. The size of the saddles when it's measurement for a horse tends to be the gullet size as in narrow,medium and wide but having said that you wouldn't put a 17 inch saddle on a 10hh pony. Ask at your local saddlery store and they will advise on what would be the best fit for you and your horse.

  3. Cavalier

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    You should really be getting your saddle professionally fitted. Some saddles can look as though they fit the horse to the un-trained eye, or even to people who have ridden horses for years. But a professional can pick up things that not all owners/riders can, such as pressure points etc.

    It is also important to remember, that as your horse changes shape due to muscle loss or gain and weight loss or gain, that the gullet in the saddle changes as well...so even after you get a fit, 3 months later, you may need another fit.

    If you have a Horseland store near you, they do saddle fittings for around $50, and if you buy the saddle from them, then the fitting is usually free.

    If you don't have a HL store, go into your saddlery and ask them if they know of any professional saddle fitters, and make sure that they're certified, so that you know that they have had training etc.

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  4. realalvin

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    I agree. Brought it off ebay and I think Horseware/Harrison Howard and Bucas are all good choices.
  5. EHOTex

    EHOTex Guest

    Do you have any suggestions on how to know if the saddle fits well by yourself?
    Actually for the past few years we has been working on a smart textile saddle pad (EHO Tex) that would help riders to understand how well the saddle fits and properly adjust saddle fit with real data backing it up- you can see data on your mobile devices.
  6. Harney Stone Racing

    Harney Stone Racing New Member

    The size of the saddle depends on the weight, Height and back of the Horse. Most of the time the back of Horse is flat. So these are some measures to keep in mind while buying a saddle.

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