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Hi all

My Percheron and Mini have packed on a little extra winter weight, as I don't need to give them large feeds (they look at it and just get fat!)

I'm interested in knowing what you all feed your horses to ensure they get all the nutrients and goodies they need, as well as any supplements that you use, it's always great to hear of something I haven't heard of before that might make a difference!

Perhaps you could say what breed of horse you have/age/how often the horse is ridden.

I'm curious, and haven't come across a thread similar (unless I just haven't figured out how to find things properly yet)

Thanks :)


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I usually have the opposite issue - keeping weight ON. Currently my gelding is fat and my filly is... acceptable but a little light.

Monty is an Anglo Arab, 17yo, and ridden sporadically... some weeks he's ridden every single day, other weeks he's left in the paddock. At present he's fat on grass but has just started being fed for show condition, and he's getting ~400g oaten chaff and 2-3kg of weanling pellets, plus suppliments, sunflower seeds, and yeast.

Magic is a TB, 2yo and unbroken. She's on ~800g of oaten chaff and 2-3kg of weanling pellets, plus suppliments, sunflower seeds, yeast, and sulfur (sulfur to help her kick rain scald and thrush).

I don't feed a lot of chaff because my horses are in a paddock 24/7 and when there isn't quite so much grass (knee high ALL through our paddocks!) they have free access to a hay roll. I figure they get plenty of roughage as is, and chaff is just chopped up hay, which IS roughage. The pellets are the real "value" feed.

Both my horses have quite high protein requirements, Magic because she's a growing TB and Monty because... well, I don't actually know! All I know is he keeps his muscle and condition much better on very high protein levels. So high protein, high energy feeds like weanling pellets are ideal.

Soon I will be adding alka pellets to Magic's feed to try to improve how she does off what she gets... alka pellets re-establish the proper PH levels of the hindgut and with that comes a higher population of the correct gut flora.


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28year old tb : split into 2 feeds per day
4 scoops of chaff, 2 Lucerne, 1.5kg of mitavite economix, 500g Hygain trugain, 1kg or so of Hygain micrbeet. Plus protexin 1 week a month. plus copra

11 year tb : same as above

19 year old appy and 6 year old appy : 2 scoops of chaff, 200g economix, copra and khonke cell provide.

They all get plenty of hay. Pretty much as much as they'll eat. They all also get msm powder too. In summer they get electrolytes and/or salt depending on work load.

I'd rather feed plenty of hay but since the older tb has few teeth left we started him on the micrbeet. The other tb is a sporadic hay eater so he also gets micrbeet. Really really happy with the micrbeet! Has improved their digestive health out of sight! Tried things like alka pellets and other products but this has worked a treat for holding condition, digestion, etc


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Lucky: 9 year old TB, in light/medium work (3-6 rides a week, 40-60 min rides at a time). Events low level. In a fairly bare paddock.
6-8kg of meadow hay
1kg of Hygain True Gain
1kg Alka Pellets
1.5kg Copra
Split into 2 feeds a day. He was also on Lucerne & Whole Lupins, however one of them was sending him off his head so I have cut both tempoarily, for the time being he's holding condition. In a few weeks I'll add the lupins back again and see if it's that or the lucerne he's reactive to.

Bess: 25 year old Conny x TB, retired. Grassy paddock
5-6kg Meadow hay (split morning and night).
400gm Lucerne Chaff
Handful of Lupins & Copra, I'd say less than 200gms of each.
Hardfed only at night.

Bess is obviously a very, very good doer. She only gets hardfed as her paddock mate is a baby so needs his supplements and if she doesn't have a feed she eats his.


I'll share some pics of a beautiful filly i have had here since 5th August.
She was last on i'm told, Sweet, Oaten & Lucerne Chaff, Complete Museli & Hay.
I put her onto adlib hay, boiled Barley, Canola Meal, Vit/Min (Weanling/Yearling Supplement), salt & Lucerne Chaff.

Day she arrived.



3 days later.



25 days later.




35 days later.


36 days later.


45 days later.


46 days later.



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I have a 6yo good doer TB. I've had to cut his hard feed right down to only once a day as he's not being worked at the moment and is fat. We have minimal grazing and he's stabled at night, so he gets:

- ad lib oaten hay (approx 10kg)
- 1 scoop (approx 200g) Lucerne chaff
- 500g whole soaked lupins
- advanced EquiMin

The hard feed really is just to mix his minerals in. He doesn't need it, I think he'd be fine on just hay. When he was in full work (ridden for approx 1 hour a day most days and low grade eventing) he got double the hard feed.

I don't feed white chaff as it's just chopped up hay. I originally put him on Lucerne and lupins as they are high protein, which is good for muscle development and provide non-heating energy. He does well on it and it's really cheap so I haven't changed anything, just decreased the quantity according to his workload


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I have a 9 year old TB mare, who has ulcers, is anemic and can also get quite hot. She is a pretty good doer though. She's in medium work - ridden 5 times a week, up to an hour or so each session, training elementary-medium dressage.

She's on:

Lucerne chaff
Alka Pellets
Iron Supplement
Red Cordial

24hr/day reticulated paddock
Hay x2 daily - approx 5-10 per feed.


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Trying to put weight on my 22 yr TB. Worked maybe twice a week. 20 mins each time .

Daily he gets
- 24/7 ACCESS to an oaten hay roll and reticulated grass paddock
- 1kg of soaked lupins
- 3 scoops of luc chaff
- 4 scoops oaten chaff
- 2 scoops of sweet bulk

I'm adding Copra soon and he will get around 1.5 kgs....


WOW remaani what a difference looks like a completely different horse

It's a very simple/plain diet but it has agreed with her, her energy levels have increased, she's grown!, & she is looking fantastic!
She leaves today as i'm busy with my own ponies with the Royal & State Shows coming up, so she's going to finish her show prep elsewhere for the Arabian States.
She needs more conditioning - but at least i have helped her get back to a suitable condition for a youngsters. (she's 10 mths old).


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i was thinking it was very simple, was it a matter of maybe not "getting" what she was supposed to, or is it a case of other factors.


i was thinking it was very simple, was it a matter of maybe not "getting" what she was supposed to, or is it a case of other factors.

All of my ponies get similar simple feeds including my yearling whom had been in/out of Murdoch earlier in the year (infact she gets the same now as the filly above) & looks a million $$. :)
I don't see the point for 20 different supplements etc. :)

Not sure, she was elsewhere for 4 wks prior to me getting her & she had lost condition in that time, i'm told a "growth spurt".
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I have a 14yr old Andalusian x TB x Riding Pony who is on 4 scoops Chaff, 1 scoop Lucerne, 1 scoop Mill Mix, 1 cup Omega Weightgain and 1/2 measure Equimin per feed.

My 9 yr old OTTB is on 5 scoops Chaff, 1 scoop Pony Cubes, 1 handful Livamol and 1 double handful of Chamomile and a measure of Equimin per feed.

Both have hay morning and night and their paddocks are full of really good quality grass. Their paddocks are rotated and fertilised regularly too.


It's very interesting to see what people feed their horses and the results they get. I often read the Q&A sections in magazines and find some of the expert advice a bit confusing and contradictory.

Horse nutritionists all seem to say that people don't feed their horses sufficient roughage but then they go on to advise people to feed a big warmblood in full work (for example) two feeds per day each made up of something like one biscuit of hay, two scoops of chaff, half a scoop of lucerne, half a scoop of oats plus a cup of oil and a vitamin/mineral supplement. This just doesn't seem like enough food to me and I'm sure it doesn't provide sufficient roughage ';'

I think the only way that this could be enough for a big warmblood would be if the horse also had access to really good quality pasture 24 hrs/day but I don't think I've seen that specified by a nutritionist.

My horses all get fed according to their weight and workload. Their feed is 2% of their bodyweight per day and 75% of that feed is made up of hay and chaff (roughage). Their concentrate portion (25% of the total feed each day) depends on their age and their workload.


Silvy is a 14.1, four year old pure arab mare on good grazing and light work.

She gets a large section of oaten hay, 1 kilo of muesli (13% protein), 200g lucerne, 200g chaff (one scoop of each), a glug of oil - about a 1/4 of a cup.

Only one feed a day **)


Shilo is a 15hh, 5 year old, AppyXstock horseXQHXpaint mare. She is in light to moderate work.

Currently fed:

2.4 kilos Mitavite Economix
1 kilo Alka pellets
Small amount of suppliments as not on full quota of pellets
Oaten chaff

Split into two feeds with large bucket filled up with oaten chaff.

On good mixed grass, fresh paddock 24/7...wont eat hay at the mo, hence the fill buckets of chaff.;)

Looks like this...



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Zophia - 4yr QH mare, lactating with 6 and a half week foal at foot. Lives out 24/7 in pasture improved paddock (with heaps of feed) with other mares/foals
2 - 2.5kgs oats
1.5kgs micro barley
1.5kgs lupins
1 cup TDI
Pregnant/lactating mare supplement
Rest of 20L bucket is filled to brim with lucerne chaff, oaten chaff and sweet chaff.

As much oaten hay as she wants....there is always a bit left over in morning.

Penny - 2yr QH filly, stabled and in full show prep. Every second day she goes on the walker....20mins walk, 5 mins fast working trot. Then other direction 5 mins fast working trot, 20 mins walk. Every other day she is turned out into pasture improved paddock for the day.
Morning and night:
1.5 kgs micro barley
1.5kgd lupins
2 cups TDI
2L container of Omega no grain blue
1/4 cup red cell
Rest of 20L bucket filled with lucerne chaff, oaten chaff and sweet chaff.

At night she also gets her hay feeder filled with oaten hay....she never finishes it all.


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My SB 15.3 gets AM & PM



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My 10yr old TB gets:

8 kg of meadow hay a day
800grams of soaked whole lupins
800grams of soaked copra
1kg of hygain Trugain
1kg of lucerne
Equimin supp

That is split into two feeds, he is worked roughly 3 times a week. Here is a photo of him two months ago, he looks even better then this now, alot more top line and a bit more of a belly since going on the Hygain Trugain.


My 3yr old QHxTB gets:

5kg of meadow hay a day
200grams of whole soaked lupins
200grams of soaked copra
Vitafit studmix for his supps

In just one hard feed a day. He is a very good doer and currently not in any work apart from normal handling. This is him still growing:)

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