We need YOU!!!


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Merrylegs, I am happy to carry out free dental work on any rescued horses in my surrounding area, you can contact me for details.

Kind Regards


The Ranger

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Makes me sick to see animals neglected/mistreated like shown in the pics. Need any help please let me know. I will Pm you my details


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Just thought I would pop in to say that Little Man is doing very well now.
He has grown heaps and will be a few stone lighter in a couple of months.
I'll have to take some more recent pics of him so that everyone can see how well he is doing now.

Jess you now I'm here if you need anything :)

Golden Biscuit

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hey, I just wanted to say once more on what a great job your doing Jess! I cant imagine how hard it would be to see these cases yet soo rewarding when you can free them!

If you would like, im happy to offer either a pre made browband or a voucher to auction or raffle whatever you do :) Sorry i cant be anymore help! Well done everyone who helps out!! :D

Petite Pastures

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Jess I have filled ou all the forms for fostering but can only give my vet as a personal reference LOL I dont use a farrier as I do all my own and never needed much else done out here.
Had teeth and a branding done by Karl Buckley a few years ago but now we brand our own and are waiting for Rachel Stones next visit for a teeth check.


Thats just fine, thank you Skye... send them up and we'll come visit :D
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