Washing saddle pads


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lol i put everything in the washing machine and never even thought of a washing bag!!!
awesome idea :D
white saddle mats

step 1
fill bath so mats are covered. add washing powder

Step 2
swish it around until the water is gross

step 3
empty tub and repeat

Step 4
drain tub, cover dirty bits in stain removing soap
leave for a little bit (until other washing is done)

Step 5

put in washing machine

= clean white saddle mats


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Pressure washer for those things that can't go in the machine, like thick saddle pads. Otherwise, into the horse gear washing machine in the shed. Yep - my horses have their own washing machine :)


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I just put mine in the washing machine. it's a harrison howard. it think it's okay. Because the saddle pad is very durable. the material won't fade.
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