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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Its Party Time, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. milo22

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    I was there it was perfect weather was suprised to see such low numbers:confused:
    We had a lovely morning lesson with Deb and the in afternoon was my first x-country lesson and I was a lil scared LOL :p we did well and we even jumped the big log but when we had to jump it from the other way it was too scary for my horse so he put the skids on infront of jump, I almost went over his head but then accidently kicked him so he cat leaped over the log double its size and I lost my stirrup so was left hanging onto the right hand side off my horse then I gracefully jumped off landing on my feet :)))

    So no damage bit tender thro upper leg area but we had fun.. i'll post the pic taken but didn't manage to get me hanging on LOL **)

    Jumping the log the way Caesar liked to jump it..
    then from the other way..
  2. blitzen

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    great pics milo! caesar looks great.

    i didn't end up going because i'd been sick for a week the weekend before so was still a bit weak & the pony hadn't been ridden for 2 weeks before that AND i was leaving for 2 weeks down south on sunday so had to pack and get organised! i had so much to do, i was glad i didn't spend a day at pony club as well. oh, and pony ended up throwing a shoe on friday as well. he's good like that!
  3. Janet

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    Just a quick reminder about Dinner tonight, Black Swan Brewery in the Swan Valley, at 7.15pm

    Black Swan Winery & Restaurant - menus, pictures and more

    Please let Sarah know if you wish to attend.

    Sarah's detail can be found on the email sent out this morning :)

    Look forward to seeing you there

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  5. Harney Stone Racing

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    Great photos Milo22.

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