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heres some pics of me and pocket rockets pony




jumping lesson:

Obsession of Equine

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benito looks ADORABLE there. i'll have to get kelly to check out this thread. and beej looks SO COLOURFUL. omg.

i'm thinking beejah belongs on a x-country course!

and Obsession, that is so awesome you are back in the saddle. when you were describing your injuries i was just.... :eek:

Thanks Blitzen, I was nervous, but he was awesome, I have to not allow myself to think about my injuries too much, if I did that I'd never be back in the saddle. LOL :)


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I had another great rally! sooo much fun I look forward to it all month :p

I did 10am with Deb and 1pm small jumoing class _ I was the one on big chestnut freaking out as I had never jumped this horse before and a little scared of jumping from an accident when a youngster so I was nervous and only jumped the smaller jumps but he did well and I just held on so will like to go higher eventually! maybe x-country next rally? well see ha ha :)*

did anyone manage to get any shots of us at any stage during day? It is so hard to get someone to come take photos etc usaully i have friends dad but not this rally? :))

Thanks cya all next rally can't wait! **)
milo you did really really well haha i was the scaredy cat when pony decided that it would be fun to try and capult me into space.

lol so next time put you in the advanced jumping:D


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once again awesome rally! (once we got there...) the two hours for cross country was excellent.


Just a reminder that we have a Open Unofficial Adult Hack Day this Sunday.

Hope to see you there :)

Fingers crossed it wont rain too much :eek:

Its Party Time

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Hey Guys

Well another great rally yesterday! Thanks to Jaana & Sarah for breaking up my day with your entertainment #(. Hope you are both feeling better today.

Special thanks to everyone for helping set up & pack away it made life so much easier!

Thanks heaps to Leesa Sinagra who filled in at short notice, everyone enjoyed her lessons.

I will send out an email later today but would like to let you all know that that was my last rally as President. I have decided to resign and thought it was time for someone else to take over.

If anyone is interested in taking over the Presidency please let me know!

Thank you to all past & present members for your support and I am sure the club will continue to grow.


Gretchen xx


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aw, gretchen... it's good to move on, but i'll miss u. will you ride at all in future rallies?

rally yesty was FRICKING AWESOME. had the best time evar on my cruisy, non-stressy pony. i don't think he's done pony club or anything before in his life, so i am super proud of him. i was impressed with how he handled the Polework in the afternoon too. good boy!


a pic CWAC took.

edit... i think that may have been CWAC's mum!


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Totally understand Gretchen, will we be seeing the you aboard the awesome Party at rallies?

Stiff and sore today, shoulders and neck hurt, and got a swollen ankle - but tis life.

Other than the unscheduled dismount I had a fantastic day and got a lot out of both my lessons, it was a great feeling as we were going and feeling Tally respond and move better.

I have been struggling for awhile in asking for Tally to flex to the inside when going on the right rein, and Deb instructed us how to encourage this by moving my hips and shoulders which in turn puts my legs in the proper position and helps Tally with understanding what i am asking for.

The added bonus was that he was starting to carry himself properly, instead of his head up in the air all the time; which is partially due to unbalance, but that is his normal head carriage as well.
Anyway, things are coming together - albit slowly but that is ok.

Blitzen you should be proud of yourself and Taz, you guys were superstars!
yup blitzen it was my mum who took the pic she was trying to get the tongue hanging out*#)

aww gretchen your leaving. well you know what that means time to ride in the rest of the rallies**)

had a very good day until me and munchkin had a unplanned parting after a jump.

i knew he was going to jump big but got thrown to one side and he went eeep sarahs coming off and when i tried to grab at the saddle to stay on he tensed and stopped going forward and stepped sideways. i met the ground very hard. least munchkin (in the video) seems to have gone "OH SH*T sarah fell off!" and stayed there looking at me rather concerned.

very stiff and sore. have a grazed elbow and a lovely red mark where i hit my hip. feels like ive fallen off a horse haha.


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haha yes i remember munckin looking at you. ahah it was funny to see him so curius and stand near you probably thinking are you ok?lol bless him


I am so jealous, I really wanted to be at the Rally. The party went really well not that i will be catering for 50 guests again in a hurry...arrghh:mad:

What wonderful weather you had. I'll be at the next onw come rain, hail or shine.

Gretchen, a huge thankyou for all that you have done for the club. :)*
Now you can enjoy riding again. :) I'm sure Party has been missing his horsey friends too.


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in a nutshell we had a bad day last rally and didnt make it... im very disappointed as now i cannot come to the next one either, due to breaking my foot #(


We had a great dinner last night...

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Special General Meeting 6.45pm
July 1st at the Clubhouse. :))

Valencia Park Monty

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Hi All :)

Please go onto the webiste and complete your rally forms for this rally, please try and not leave it until the last minute as i will be on my R&R break and will not hve full access to a computer all the time, so if everyone can complete their times as soon as they can that will be a great help!! :)

look forward to seeing the pics



Another great Rally :)
Thanks to our lovely instructors. Where were all our members???
you missed out on perfect weather and a great day out.
I have emailed the minutes and details of our next social night.
Please email me if you havent received yours

Valencia Park Monty

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didnt get mine janet :( i think you sent it to my other email addy not the work one..... cant get on the hotmail address can you resend please :)

CWAC - i like the look of that pony! :)

where is everyone elses pics that went!
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