WA Arabian Championships - Conditioning/Training & Show Handling


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Aargh!! #) Probably a good thing really... I have exams. :(
NEXT TIME I will get my butt into gear!!


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I will deff be there now, many thanks to Vee.

I will be there with Mr Hools ofcourse!

Princeton, Paul is awesome, you will really enjoy your lesson(s) - Lucky bugger hehe.

When I took Hoolie to this lesson it was his first ride since running into..that tree.

He was a little fresh and therefore strong, Pauled turned him from steam train pony to a nice soft pony :)

Before -

After -



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He looks great Tarz.

I was going to book 3 days lessons, but thought I should give the lad one day off before the show!


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Well montygirl i am taking my partbred arab LMAO.........:D having an in hand lesson. Your welcome Tarz;)


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Why oh why have i only just found this information....i missed out!

Im going to sit in the corner and cry


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I was wondering where you and Nic were when this went up Gamby!!

Maybe put your name down....there might be a cancellation.....I am soooo excited:D :D
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