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Discussion in 'Product & Service Promotions' started by Murray, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Thanks Martin, will email you in the morning **) I am in Baldivis, but probably looking more at early February (recovering bank account lol).
  2. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member


    Thanks for coming up and seeing Elvis today. He is tentatively munching on his hay after the extraction and back to his usual self.
    All the best for the new year.
  3. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    You are very welcome ! How much did the tooth fairy leave your nephew ? Lol
  4. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Hey Martin, I expect to see you jog in towing that mobile crush behind you when you come to my place. ;)

    And don't panic, you haven't forgotten an appointment with me. I'm waiting for the bank balance to recover from Christmas before I ring. Another a week or so! Do you do Saturday's after 11am?
  5. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Same here Lin - I need the farrier too lol - got to let the old savings acct reover from its beating!!
  6. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    Doc Martin came out to Merredin on the 23rd of December. He had a bundle of horses to do and another bunch in February. Everyone was really pleased with his work and happy with all the information that was provided! Definately worth the trip.. even if the new crush did need a minor repair upon arrival! see you soon!
  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Extremely sorry I couldn't make it. An unfortunate series of events :(#(

    Who do I need to speak to about fitting my two in and my neighbours two as well for Feb?
  8. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member


    My nephew got $20 for the tooth and gave half to his little brother. lol
  9. Que

    Que New Member

    Darn it ! wish I'd seen this earlier !
    Can I book 3 horses in for February in Merredin? is there any chance we an get a sand drench for them as well?
  10. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    Thanks for fitting my guys in early this morning Martin.
    I dont think either pony will speak to you again though :)
  11. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    Funny - don't get many Christmas cards from my patients ! Oh well ;-)
    P.S Note to myself. On Aug 1st ( horse's birthday ) I am going to remove all traces of veterinary gear from the car and load the back of the ute with carrots. Then I'll spend the day driving around handing out treats and watching the surprised faces of my patients/victims as I drive off without needling, cutting, stitching or sticking a tube up their noses !
  12. CMBR

    CMBR Well-known Member

    Thanks for doing a great job on Nova and Jack yesterday Martin.
    Jack still isnt speaking to me after having his tooth pulled. :p :eek:
  13. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Martin thanks for coming up and checking on Elvis after the extraction 2 weeks ago. I was a bit worried that he was going to run off before I got the halter on, luckily he loves his carrots. lol
    Was glad Elvis's jaw had no issues.
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  14. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    You are very welcome Angimac ! After 20+ years he is finally maturing and we are making progress with Elvis - he is getting better each visit. By the time he's 40 he'll come trotting up to us and sedation will be a thing of the past ! Well maybe not .....;-) thanks again for the apricots too !
  15. Neighlands

    Neighlands Well-known Member

    Can i ask - Is sedation always done here ?
  16. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    Yes - firmly believe that sedation is required to get a proper look in the mouth and perform good dentistry with power tools. I know I don't like the dentist and given the option would elect to be as "relaxed" as possible when I go !
  17. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    Goomalling/ Wheatbelt Trip

    Hi All,
    Have been nice and busy over the past few months. Have a client in Goomalling that desperately needs an old horse looked at so I am trying to find a few more to make a trip out her way next week. Email me at [email protected] if you are anywhere in the vicinity so we can work out a plan.

    Cheers MD
  18. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    Short notice I know but out Lancelin way on Wednesday and could squeeze a couple more in. Email me if you want your horse looked at and you live that way ( or on the way ! )

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