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    Hi , Guys and Girls

    Im new to this site , currently studding Cert 4 in vet nursing in Queensland and just wanted to share some useful information with my fellow vet students!!

    I have found this website called The Placement Prac ( ) all clinics advertise on here for students like us and even look for full time vets/nurses , best thing is that you can actually make your own profile with a photo of yourself "if you want" and upload your details and its all FREE!!!

    i have gone through other websites where i get charged to apply for a position and this can get financially heavy!! also there is no option to make a profile of my own, so vet clinics wouldn't know who i am!! Another great thing is , if your looking to move over seas and you need a job or placement , i have noticed the vet clinics all over the world advertise on here!! this is so AWESOME!!!! thank goodness for a website like this that isnt just money hungry and actually caters for us struggling students...

    So guys go and sign up with the placement prac for free!! trust me its worth it

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