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  1. little chicken

    little chicken New Member

    im going to the champ ships soon:)*
  2. little chicken

    little chicken New Member

    Im going to the natinals hahaha with erin and katrina and emily and mum and meee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)*:)*:)*
  3. little chicken

    little chicken New Member

    I can not wait till sydney lol:))
  4. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Anzac all breeds

    Hi - we're running the ANZAC EXTRAVAGANZA on April 26th at Swan Valley Horse and Pony Club grounds, behind the SEC. Another thread on this is ANZAC ALL BREEDS wowwwwwww

    We have breed classes in the AM and Yes; Arabs & Minis included + Ridden Classes in afternoon - including Western Ridden, English ridden and separate Breed Ridden Classes for Standardbred, Pinto and Arab. Also, ANZAC Memorial Working Hunter Event is being run in the afternoon.

    If you would like a program - please email me on [email protected] or [email protected]

    Charis :)
  5. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Wanneroo Adult Open Hack Show

    Hi All,

    Wanneroo Adult Equestrian Club are holding an Open Hack Show on Sunday 24th of May, 2009 at WHPC Grounds, Benmuni Rd Wanneroo
    There will be 3 rings :

    1st Ring WALK & TROT Ring (Must not have competed in more than 5 W/T Shows)

    2nd Ring Encouragement WTC Ring (For those that have green horses or if you have competed in more than 5 shows in W/T Ring then this is the ring for you! No Cantering in groups all classes judged on individual workouts)

    3rd Ring W/T/C For those that regularly compete in WTC or are confident cantering in a group.

    Jackets and plaiting are encouraged !

    Program will be out next week.
    Adults are allowed to compete on ponies over 12.2hhs
    Pm me or email for further info on [email protected]

    **Judges required for the day please contact me if you are available!**
  6. Janet

    Janet Guest

    WH&PC Hack Day 19th April 2009

    Official Measuring, 7am to 9am EFA & SHC

    Official Hack, Pony, leadrein & First Ridden classes

    Unofficial Hack, pony, leadrein & First Ridden classes

    Entries on the day.

    EFA & SHC RAS quallifier

    Please check the website for more details or email me

    [email protected]

    Welcome to Wanneroo Horse & Pony Club

  7. blonde chicky

    blonde chicky New Member


    i heard baldivas ODE 1 might be cancelled as there is a lack ofdressage judges avalible. hmm is it true please help asap :(

    thanks xx :)
  8. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    hope you guys dont mind tought I let you all know about the KEA's Show Jump Fun day comming up on the 24th May 2009 in Katanning. heights ranging from 30cm up to 95cm.

    cheers, lauren
  9. Janet

    Janet Guest

    WH & PC Working Hunter 5th July 2009

    Working Hunter Day 2009
    Sunday 5th July 2009
    9.00 am start, draw times given.
    Pre Entries only
    Last Official RAS Qualifier for 2009 Perth Royal Show
    Unofficial Classes in all heights
    For more information ring Janet 0418 902 481


    The Working Hunter class is a combination of
    Hacking and Jumping
    The 1st part of the class is the jumping – Riders can only go on to the
    Hacking section if they are not eliminated from the jumping.
    Ponies up to 12.2 hh – maximum jump height 30cm
    Ponies over 12.2 hh to 14 hh – maximum jump height 60cm
    Galloways over 14hh up to 15 hh – maximum jump height 70cm
    Hacks over 15 hh – Maximum jump height 85cm
    The course consist of 8 jumps (equal number of verticals and spreads)
    You are given a score for each obstacle cleared and a score for style and manners.
    Flat Phase (Hacking)
    The workout will be similar to a show hunter class but will include a gallop
    You will be awarded marks on action and temperament
    In Hand Phase:
    You will untack your horse and present it to the judge for marking on type
    and conformation - you do not run the horse out ONLY present

    Crops to be no longer than 75cm
    No martingales, bearing reins, side or running reins of any kind are permitted
    Stallions are not eligible
    Horses or Ponies must be 4 years of age
    Dummy spurs are permitted
    Ponies up to and including 14hh to be ridden by rider 18 years or under
    Horses over 14hh may be ridden by riders of any age
    Disobedience in any phase will result in penalties
    The same saddle must be used for both phases
    Both phases must be ridden in a snaffle bridle
    For a complete list of rules and competition procedures please go to the EFA
    ** taken from the EFA 2009 Working Hunter Rules and Competition procedures
    EA - Western Australia Branch
  10. Wizzy

    Wizzy New Member

    Hi im just wondering if any one knows how i can get a program for gosnells show this sunday?
  11. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    PM Nanna, i think she runs this show:confused:But im not to sure**)
  12. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    :):)!!!!!!!! NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!!:):)

    PEEL is holding a Dressage training day on the 12th of july!!!!
    prep 3
    prelim 1b
    prelim 1d
    novice 2a
    novice 2c
    elementary 3b
    medium 4b
    advanced 5a

    sorry about the late notice but entries close this friday !!!!!
  13. MP3

    MP3 New Member

    Hi Maree4
    I checked out your list of breed shows and would like somewhere
    I can show my appy horse. I am new to WA and have checked out the WA newspaper on saturdays and have picked up a schedule for the Baldivis breed show but can not for example find out the orange grove gosnels or mandurah
    breed show are. Are they posted somewhere I can print them off or are they still a happening thing.
  14. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    MP3, keep your eye on the "other site" and as the shows get closer the programmes will come out.:D
  15. HorseaGal

    HorseaGal Active Member

    OBHH whats the "other site" ???
  16. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    HorseaGal it starts with a C.

    I have a Q of my own.

    Can anyone let me know about upcoming encouragement SJ and SJ training days?? I need to get Latte out and about competing if I want him ready for competition (lower heights) at Busso Show in November. Preferably days around the Busso area, so we have more of a chance of being able to find transport/ride to the competition, but seriously, anywhere within three hours is cool - so long as there's enough notice. Cool with entries on the day and with pre-entry, we just need to know about them because Mum's never been in the competitive SJ world so she doesn't know where all the competitions/training days/encouragement competitions are.

    Thanks all =]
  17. HorseaGal

    HorseaGal Active Member

    Oh! Right! DUUHHHHH!! *slaps forehead* Thanks *#)
  18. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    hey evyone, hope you are all doing well...! i am not sure if this has already been posted but here it is

    Katanning Equestrian Assoc is once again hosting the "go for 2 & 5" inland dressage extravaganza Dressage competition on the 6th n 7th August 2009. The competition will be held once again at the Wagga's Boarding Kennel which is situated 5km south of katanning on greenhills road. We are very excited to present this competition to our states riders and it promises to be a fantastic weekend. email [email protected] website Katanning Equestrian Association for more information
  19. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    Aug Unoff/Off Shows

    Anyone know of any shows that has unofficial and official (showhunter) classes in Aug?
  20. HorseaGal

    HorseaGal Active Member

    um the only one i can think of that i know for sure has both off & unoff is gosnells masters on the last weekend of august. off ponies are on 29th & unoff and off horses are on 30th i believe.

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