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  1. Eminence

    Eminence Well-known Member

    you can make this a sticky topic if you want to?! anyone can post events and shows that are held for the remainding of this year and some for the upcoming year if anyone knows of any..LOL:D
  2. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    ok this is whats on my list of shows for the year
    JAN 07 SHC All Breeds at riverside
    FEB 11 Gosnells Summer Show Offs
    MARCH 24 All Arabian
    March 25th Autumn Breed Show (I"M not going to this one)
    April 7th Arabian showcase
    MAY 20th Riverside Breed show
    JUNE 2nd All Stars
    JUNE 24th Darling Range Breed Show
    AUGUST 12th Gosnells winter Show
    SEPTEMBER 9th Darling Range Breed Show
    OCTOBER 4+ show ( not sure of date)
    NOVEMBER 18th ( I think) Mandurah Breed Show( I'm not going to this one)
    NOVEMBER Arabian and derivertive State Champs
    and thats it for me for the Year I'm sure there are many more Ag shows etc and Hacking Days but i am doing one show a month some of these i will do ridden others will be in hand.
  3. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    What on earth is a sticky topic:confused:
  4. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    I hear there may be a Open Hack Day at Orange Grove on Sunday 28th January
  5. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Ooo hope there is, im very close by, let us know if you find out anymore details?
  6. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Hi Tarz, I'm pretty sure there will be one hopefully with measuring as well. I will let you know when i know for sure
  7. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Ok thanks for that, hope there is :)
  8. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Oh and Vee, a sticky topic is a post that someone starts but it stays at the top of the page and its one people can add too when ever and it never gets lost, like go into open and look up the top, there should be one that says like sticky: Members videos.
  9. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    thanks Tarz thats a good idea, t**) hen as shows pop up we can just check this thread without having to go looking for it or having it deleted brilliant idea.**)
  10. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    Thanks for that list of shows, but can I ask was that this years or is that for next year?
    Thats great I will put them on my calander, so I can work around them**)
  11. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Well some of the dates in Jan and feb are 100% correct the others i went on this years shows and put them in for 2007 say sunday 18th this year which made it sun 17th next year, if you get what i mean they always seem to be held the same time every year, it could alter slightly but i just needed to know so i can work out hubbys roster, when i will need mum to babysit and if we have any other plans (i like to be organised)
  12. CC

    CC Well-known Member

    Is the All Stars show for all breeds?
  13. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    All Stars is for all breeds and also has official hacking.

    The All Arabian is over 2 days - 24th and 25th March. Don't know which day is for pures and which is for derivatives until the programme comes out as it does swap.

    Several of the breed show dates may change because they often aren't on the same weekend each year.
  14. Monkey

    Monkey Well-known Member

    Hey anyone know of any small shows around Bunbury?? for next year and the date for the Bunbury show for next year??
    But im going to a horsemanship clinc in Bunbury next year in April if i can get the deposit in quickly!!..hopefully course theres only 10 positions!! and seven have already gone eek!!..:)
    But i might be also going to a Endurance thing in collie a clinc as well that has a 20km ride after as well...i think its in collie??
    BUt other then that pony club and gymkhanas that are local and small shows that i can get to know of around bunno, but also will go to the collie, brunswic and busso show next year cant wait..:))
  15. AutumnAffair

    AutumnAffair Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    I have most of my dates for next year on my calendar thanks to the EFA website, and the PCAWA website.
    I'm not sure if this will work * trying to make them links*
    EFA Dates
    PCAWA Dates
    Hope this helps!
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  16. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Hey im not sure if there would be a hack day at orange grove, as i was at the chief coaches place a coupla weeks ago and she said next yr orange grove arent having any shows at all only dressage sj training days and the normal rallys.
  17. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    I can confirm there will be a open hack day at Orange Grove on Sunday 28th January. There will be Offical & Unofficial Pony & Hack rings. {No Dressage or Jumping only Hacking}. It will be advertised 4 weeks prior in Saturday's West

    Official Judges

    Unofficial Judges
    Ponies : Tia Turner
    Hacks : Jayd Barton

    Measuring TBA
  18. Wildwood

    Wildwood Well-known Member

    Jayd a judge... this I gotta see lol! Kewl well I'm there I reckon then!
  19. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I should be there, yay finally a hack show really close by :)will be in unoff hack ring :)
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  20. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Hay Wildwood i will let Jayd know that & yes it will be worth the watch. Lets see if she can judge as good as she has the eye of finding beautiful horses!

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