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hi im wondering if you can help me, i have a 12 month old qh black colt who is sun bleached and is starting to get a itchy tail, i am feeding him 1 scoop of wheat and charff and 1 scoop of grotouqe a day, there is good grass in paddock, im washig him with stop itch and his upto date with his worming, is he getting enouge minrals in his diet? should i be feeding hin twice a day? , im will to change feed if it helps, thanks bec


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welcome Becmoore!

this sounds more like a worm problem. you might need to change your worming paste or get the vet to do a full drench. đź‘Ť :)



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Yeah looks a tad bit wormy to me, but to be sure you can do a fecal egg count to make sure or rule out the worms. Make sure you give him the right dosage in either case. He may just have sensitive dry skin and may benefit from medicated wash. You can also get his bloods done to rule out vitamin deficiencies for ease of mind. As for feed, I swear by lupins cos grain can make health issues flare up. Probiotics and omega oils also help.
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