treatment of retired race horses!

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    absolutely disgraceful...
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    Western Australian Racehorse Welfare Plan released
    14/11/2019 9:00 AM
    • WA will lead the nation in welfare standards for all racehorses
    • Plan outlines a range of new and expanded welfare initiatives
    • A new WA Racehorse passport will track horses beyond racing
    • A Racehorse Welfare Facility will be established
    • Legislation to be introduced to increase oversight over knackeries and abattoirs processing racehorses
    Western Australia will lead the nation in the welfare standards for all racehorses with the introduction of the Western Australian Racehorse Welfare Plan.
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    This is a step in the right direction.
    I do not know how they are going to police it though. Not many inspectors for a state the size of WA.

    BUT if anybody on this forum has read my posts about Echuca and other saleyards in Australia you would have known this was going on weekly.
    Even unbranded tbs and standies going thru these sales.

    Because of the ABC report Camden horse sales are not being held until further notice and the numbers of tbs and standies getting a chance at Echuca has dramatically reduced.
    The amount of trucks going to Caboolture does not seem to have been reduced because at Meramist it is business as usual. Which means there are more directs.
    Too many horses bred each year, a lot of the country has been in drought for over ten years yet they still keep breeding horses for the $$$.

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