Track work riding?

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    I was wondering what being a track rider is like as a job and whether I would be suitable for it. I'm 14, been riding for 5 years and have been working at a riding school for the past 6 months. I have fairly good 'stickability' (i.e. I can stay on if the horse pigroots/rears/crow hops while I am bareback). I have zero experience with TB's that are in race form, but I have had a little experience with OTTBs (not fresh off the track). I don't plan on going into track riding until I am 15-16. Is the TAFE vocational ( course helpful?
    I am not growing anymore and I weigh 63kg and am 5'7. Am I too tall/too heavy?
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    The benefits of trail riding for the horse include-
    • Increased responsiveness.
    • Quicker recovery from distractions.
    • Practical environment to practice maneuvers such as backing, forehand and haunch pivots, leg yield, gait transitions.
    • Ability to better negotiate obstacles.
    • Better balance.
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    Thank you for your reply, but I was asking about Trackwork riding, not trail riding haha
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