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Equestricare stocks the whole range of Thinline Performance Products from saddle pads, to bridles.

ThinLine Performance Saddle Pads provide the Fit, Function, Feel and Fashion to suit every Horse and Rider.
"Better for the rider, better for the horse"​

I have repeatedly seen sore backed horses achieve almost instant recovery just by adding a ThinLine pad. I use them now not only for my clients who have horses with soreness issues but I recommend them for all my clients with hard working or competition horses simply as a preventative measure. I have yet to see a horse with a ThinLine pad develop back soreness.

Dr. Wendy Coren, DVM, Author: Equine Chiropractic Textbook

ThinLine makes your horses happier. When its all about comfort and feel, its all about ThinLine and your horse.

ThinLine is an open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad, boot, or girth. Beginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel. Another layer is poured on top and polarized in a new direction. In each ThinLine pad, this process is repeated hundreds of times creating a honey comb matrix. This structure allows ThinLine to move shock, heat, and weight laterally, much like the ripple effect of throwing a stone into water. ThinLine products also carry tensile strength so that pressure is actually distributed.

Improve Rider Performance
* Increases your stability in the saddle
* Minimizes rider lower back movement allowing for more refined aids
* Less movement in the saddle
* Reduces stress to soft tissues and impact to bony structures
* ThinLine guarantees you will sit the trot and canter better!
* Provides you with the ultimate close contact "feel"
* Most riders get 7-10 years (or more) out of the same pad

Improve Equine Performance
* Decreases equine back soreness
* Creates a better saddle fit (with or without custom saddles)
* Allows their shoulders and back to move more freely
* Creates more roundness, softer gaits
* Generates relaxation, suppleness and increased performance
* ThinLine horses win more and stay sound longer

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