TB sires. Who stamps progeny?

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    Sorry I forgot I had posted on here! That actually describes my mare really well. I think a lack of proper discipline when she was raced really set me back she used to seriously buck/ rear and still has her moments so has definitely had some issues. Spot on about keeping her occupied she has to be doing something all the time, standing still used to send her into serious fits! She isn't ready to compete yet but definitely when I get her to work nicely I feel like we could achieve anything. Very flashy as well and will hopefully be a pretty decent dressage horse. Funnily enough she is also actually a really nice and quiet bush hack. While she's really pushy to work with she completely opposite in the paddock and is the biggest sook of a horse I've ever met. Always wants cuddles and has to be involved with everything, follows me around while I do things and licks strangers that come into the paddock. Very quirky character I would say and requires a lot of patience!
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    My Hartley's Spirit, I haven't had long, but is so far proving to be a very quiet girl. Very smart, pretty, going to be HUGE. Quite good conformation, lovely mover. Sensitive, but willing, very smoochy, in your face. Really patient, will stand and chill out for ages either tied or on the lead. Ground manners aren't great but I don't think she's ever been taught them, just wants to be on top of her handler in scary situations. Can't be forced or she panics and explodes, and will go up if pushed too far.

    Her dam is by Laranto, and the only progeny from said dam on record is my girl though I have been told there is an older full brother floating around.

    ETA; forgot to mention, her feet are LOVELY. Beautiful shape, beautiful external structures - though I wish the walls were a bit thicker. Oh well, she IS a young TB, they might improve with maturity.
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    Bumping, I looked through the whole thread and didn't see anything pertaining to Serheed [though I distinctly remember there USED to be some comments in there... what happened?]...

    ...just found out the other day that my Anglo Arab's sire [obviously his TB half] is by Serheed and out of a Biscay mare. Thoughts?
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    My friends Bletchey Park was put down due to not being able to walk on his feet :(
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    Can anyone add to the Cape North progeny info?

    Have a rising four year old gelding of his arriving on Tuesday. I haven't met him, but a, assured by the the stables that he is as quiet as.

    I hope so!

    Can add to the Carry a Smile info. Since I last posted about my TB mare I obtained another by him....who is almost identical facially, to her half sib but very different physically. Absolutely beautiful mares both of them.

    Molly slipped twice this stud season, but I still plan to make a GRP x bub with her!
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    "Laranto was my favourite sire. Rode at Clairefontaine so have seen more than most people and they were all like him . GORGEOUS!!"

    Hey we have Primrose Court Valentina show is sired by Laranto and out of Smilodon. Would you have any information on Smilodon.. Valentina was never ASB registered, though I have just had this happen.. It is looking like i have a mare with some sensational winning bloodlines and awesome temperament. She gave us a beautiful filly by Torrid Lodge Emir.

    Valentina is an amazing riding horse. She had not been ridden for 9 years when we bought her.. After 9 years she still has beautiful movement as she would as a youngster. I have now studbook registered her as I wanted to breed her with a QH. Smilodon on some pedigree charts go right back to imported QH lines such as Easy Jet..

    I would love any information on Valentina's sire and dam

    Susan McEwen
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    Can anybody suggest me the Best Sire in Australia?
  8. I have a little mare by Bearcat. There's no dirty in her at all, she has the sweetest temperament!! Always comes to me in the paddock, and follows like an oversize dog!!! Definitely not pushy or rude! And currently barefoot with good, solid feet.

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