TB sires. Who stamps progeny?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Gaia, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Just happened to be reading through some of the threads in this racing section, and thought I would put up a thread in regards to TB temprements/soundess in relation to sires.
    For example, one of the recent threads talks about BP having great temprements but crap feet, and seeing as tho there is a thread on SB sires, I thought it would be good to put a TB one up. :)

    So, who has what and what are they like?
  2. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Ill play this game :D

    ok, before this creates any arguments or anything, Ill only say MY PERSONAL OPINION and the general rumours that go around the racing/breeding industry.

    BLETCHLEY PARKS : lovely even tempered, responsive, pretty horses, well known to have crappy feet, but in my own personal experience, I havent actually met many with bad feet, and Ive met quite a few!

    TRIBU'S : bad tempered, impatient, energetic horses. Quite often need to be sedated for the vet, or stallion serves. Crappy feet

    POLISH BLUE'S : AS ABOVE but better looking*#) and feet arnt too bad.

    DANETIME'S : flighty, difficult horses, incredibly energetic/hyperactive, quite often hard to catch, but very pretty and very sweet once trust is gained. Not a huge amount of feet problems.

    ZEDRICH'S : big, strong bully colts and tough fillies. Crappy shelly/flat feet. Not very quiet but full of real character and sweet once you have their trust.

    KENDEL STAR'S : they kick and bite! very strong horses, flighty but without being spooky, very brave. Not great feet, but not the worst in the industry.
  3. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    This is sure to be an interesting thread!

    I know that Bletchley Park is very well known for throwing fantastic temperaments. All that I have met have had incredible temperaments and pretty heads. They do however often have bad feet and are prone to other problems like arthritis. I owned a BP gelding who I adored - he was off the track but at the same time the quietest TB I have ever owned and was to be my eventer. Unfortunately I discovered that he had arthritis (at the age of four) and gave him to a nice companion home. I have later found out from some trainers that Bletchley Park's can tend to develop arthritis more often that other TB's. Would still gladly take another one on as long as they passed a vet check as there temperaments are second to none.



    My current boy Vegas is by Vain Rancher and is the first by this sire that I have owned. I have been told numerous times at competitions that he is very similar to VR in both looks and temperament. He can be a little sensitive but is also highly intelligent, willing and loving. He needs to trust a person but once the bond is made he will do anything for you.


    (Photos courtesy of JG Photographics).
  4. Racoff

    Racoff New Member

    i have to disagree with some....bp ive met some real pigs....i have a tribu and yes bad feet but she is just the best natured girl....agree with zedrich and kendel star..... dr johnsons i like nice looking bit nervie ......hmmmmm i do like heartlys spirit and bearcats.:)*
  5. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    Pretty much agree with all of the above here. Have heard/experienced similar things with progeny of these stallions.

    LOVE the Dr Johnsons for both their temperaments and stunning looks.
  6. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    CHANTECLAIR'S : lovely quiet, sweet horses. Most often quite finely built. Very trusting. Real pleasures to handle. Reputation for brittle, flat feet.

    ENCOSTA DE LAGO'S : very pretty, solid built horses. Never met a quiet one, buthavent met a particularly difficult one either. Great feet.

    SURTEE'S : hate them hate them, hate them!!!! difficult, spooky, wimpy, strong horses. But great feet.

    STAR PAK'S : fillies can be real moles to handle. Very strong, rude pushy and arrogont horses. The colts I have never had a problem with, can be quite arrogent and a little pushy, but settle down once they know who's boss. quite solid built. Very crappy flat feet.

    TRADE FAIR'S : hard to say what they will be like when they are older as the oldest are only 3yo. can be quite rude and spooky, and a little pushy but once you have their trust, they will do anything for you. Very sweet, cuddly horses. very athlectic, big horses. Not bad feet.

    HARTLEY SPIRIT'S : love them. hard working, sweet, friendly cuddly horses that are a pleasure to handle and very pretty. Very trainable, learn things easily. Good feet. short but very nicely put together, of meduim build.

    BENICIO'S : hate them! almost as much as Surtee's. Rude arrogant pushy, no respect for where you are, will walk over top of you. They dont learn easily, but are very much creatures of habit. solid built and very strong, Great feet.

    STARCRAFT'S : lovely looking horses. Can look like they are raving lunatics but as soon as you put a hand on them, they settle right down. Very sweet horses, will folow you anywhere. very very athletic horses. tall, kind of finely built but with strong legs, bum, neck, and deep chest. Great feet.
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  7. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    DR JOHNSON'S : refer to what I said about Bletchley Parks. But with better feet.

    BEARCATS : dont like them. Rude pushy horses. But very lovely looking and well put together. Usually have lovely naturally arched necks and big round apple bums. Not bad feet.

    SCENIC : again like star pak I have found the colts and fillys different. Colts are difficult to handle, with little respect for their handler, but will behave once they learn who is boss. The fillies/mares I have never had a problem with, all have been lovely sweet things. Great feet.

    MAGIC OF MONEY: again refer to BP. Love them! not great feet but not as bad as some.

    DANTE'S FURY'S : my favourite of all stallions ( along with BP). Lovely hardy, tough horses. Very very pretty, usually of fairly solid buil and not very tall, but have met a few tall finely built ones. Quite bad feet, brittle and flat.

    FIGHTING FALCON: can be quite difficult to handle. But once you gain their trust will follow you anywhere. Very untrusting of strangers or anything new. Very tough horses. Know a couple that have raced with very bad injuries (non visible) and shown no sign of lameness/soreness until injury was beyond treatment. Known to have very unuaual white markings. Not bad feet, but not the best either.
  8. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    ok Ill stop now. Could go all night! hahahaha

    Racoff, Ive had a tribu as well. I know they arnt ALL bad :p
  9. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Everything I read about Danetime was that they all had great temprements? What about Lord Danes?
    I have a mare here by Ihtiram that has the best nature I have come across.
    Lakota, your boy looks lovely. I dont think I have seen a Vain Rancher that isn't chestnut!
  10. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    I recently found out who my boy is by and would really like another but I dont think thats going to be easy.
    He is a NZ tb by balmerino(dec)
    George is an older type tb and big and chunky:)He really is awesome.
    Best temp,okay crap feet but we can manage them fine.he is abit plain but very consistent,honest and bold as ever!
    I know I can trust him to keep me safe while still having some life and making me ride he is not at all dirty though.
    I have met a few dr Johnsons through a friend very nice looking horses,very pretty and both have good temps.One jumped and evented all while being a sucessful hack .I think they have a few more too.
  11. Racoff

    Racoff New Member

    gaia do u have a paint trotter i just seen ur profile pic..... i agree with most of ur quotes mylittle pony....
  12. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    A Paint Trotter you ask??? Lol, I have a Pinto Standardbred :D Actually, I have 2! :D
  13. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    My TB is by Danehill, have met a few and i found they have all been pretty, flighty at first but are very sweet natured and in your face **)
  14. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    I'd be interested to know what the Lord Dane progeny are like.
    I've heard from people that have worked with Lord Dane himself, that's he a pig of an animal ';'

    As for SB stallions, I can remember some beautiful Satinover progeny. Lovely to look at but unfortunately they all inherited their dad's attitude.
  15. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    ok Ill do a few more.:D

    STATE CITY'S: very flighty, fine built horses. Usually very sweet can but can be very very difficult if in the mood for it. Explosive is the best word for them! Good Feet, but have seen the occasional one with flat feet.

    LORD DANE'S : Doesnt seem to stamp his progeny as much as other stallions do. Though the majority that I have met have been bay.
    Usually fairly solid built horses, quite strong, and can be quite jumpy. But like the Zedrich's, have a real charater about them, very cheeky, but also very cuddly and curious. They dont really have reputation for their feet, but havent seen many with bad feet.

    IHTIRAM'S : usually quite big horses. VERY sensitive. Have a reputation for being difficult to handle, and the word from most breakers is they are hard work breaking in. Very explosive and constantly on edge. Also have a reputation for rearing. Can be quite aggressive, and very very explosive. You dont want to be on ones back when it goes off!. Very much creatures of habit, they thrive on routine. Once they have had enough handling and have settled down, will become very cuddly, and love being with their owners. Havent seen many with bad feet, but they do have a rep for bad ones.

    ORATORIO'S : I love these horses. Can be quite flighty and spooky, but are easy to handle and ride. Very responsive, and usually quite good looking. Quite finely built, but with strong legs and deep chests. Good feet.

    HELENUS' : difficult, aggressive, rude arrogant and pushy. I dont like thses horses. Have never met one with a nice personality. They kick bite and are just generally nasty creatures. Have a bad reputation in the industry and it is well deserved. Have seen a wide variety of builds, but all with deep chests, strong legs and little piggy eyes. Good feet though.
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  16. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Danetime, Trade Fair, Hartley Spirit, Benicio, Bearcat, Dantes Fury and Lord dane are all by Danehill. (Trade Fair is out of a Danehill mare)

    Danehill has well over 100 sons who have become sires. He had had the biggest influence of any stallion, ever in thoroughbred racing.

    You are lucky to have one**)
  17. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    My very limited experience here :p

    Bletchley Parks I agree with most of what has been said. My boy has a temperament to die for and very pretty but... retired at 10 because of his feet.

    Key Business, haven't had much to do with his stock but... really big fan of the lovely little mare I did have something to do with. Very pretty, lots of chrome and the most gorgeous temperament.

    Victory Drive, well I have heard all the rumours! My boy is a bit hot but very green still and once he knows what is going on he settles very quickly. He is very intelligent, slightly flighty at times but getting better with mor exposure, is pretty but... small! I have heard they can have a lot of dirt in them but haven't found this at all with Noddi. From people who have worked with VD himself have all told me he is very pretty and great to handle.
  18. samm

    samm Gold Member

    I'd put up with the sensitivity, explosiveness and aggression to have a "Miss Andretti" ;)
  19. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    Ok my personal experience from working at the track

    BP's- love them. great temps at the track and quiet.. we didn't have one with bad feet

    HALO- umm yeah interesting characters. stubborn, flighty, filly was a nasty piece of work that aimed when she kicked... colt was special :p

    Key Business-- loved the colts easy to deal with....fillies on the other had were a bit precious

    Tribu- colts are fine til they hit 3..then a screw snaps.. fillies are sensitive but i found better to handle then the colts

    Danetimes-- LOVE THEM! so quiet... had one that was a bit sensitive but by the time he was 3 he got over that

    My horse is my Lycarma Cristi..... does anyone know anything about him???
  20. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Totally agree with you there!

    Mate has one in work at the moment, and personality wise she is very much the same as Miss Andretti, and showing a lot of talent too. Cant wait til she hits the track, I absolutley love her**)

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