Suggestions on what to feed my new mare

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I have just had my new mare delivered from interstate. I brought her sight unseen. She’s in ok condition, not ribby, very tucked up and thirsty after travelling from Melbourne to Brisbane. She does lack muscle due to being started under saddle then left in paddock for 8 months. She was fed prydes 300 75grams a day with hay I was told. Anyways, I was told she was a good doer, so I brought prydes easy keeper to start her on and popped a Rhodes grass round in her paddock as grass is short. I think once she’s got some muscle and fat on her bones, she’ll do ok on the easy keeper atleast I’m hoping as it’s very cost effective due to only needing to feed 400 or so grams a day, she’s not going to be like my previously owned thoroughbreds to keep weight on, but right now she needs extra protein and fat, fibre. I’ve fed copra in the past, but seeing a lot of people mentioning speedi beet and maxi soy and now I’m not sure what to add to the easy keeper I already have. She’s Clydesdale x qh x unknown breeding 15.1hh, but quite a long mare 6’3 rug. Can’t get photo to upload days file is too large from my iPhone..
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