STB bloodlines - exceptional (or not) temperaments

amber sunday

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lol ours at the moment is really sweet. but i swear she not all there.. spooks at trees, fences, rocks, being brushed..


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I've recently acquired one of my geldings half sisters, a very sweet little mare that has the same white ticking through her coat as Tommy does.

I'm curious if this is common in Our Sir Vancelot progeny, and do they grey out more as they age, or just retain the ticking?


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I've had a couple of Our Sir Vancelots and none of them have had white ticking. I remember seeing Our Sir Vancelot in the flesh and don't recall him having any either, I also had a horse that was out of one of Our Sir Vancelots half sisters and he did not have ticking either. Not sure how much the ticking will increase with age. Wouldn't think it would increase all that much.


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My stallion by Mystical Prince is the laziest sod but the sweetest temperamented horse I have ever met. Nothing fazes him (except work lol). A stunning looking horse too. I would have more anyday.

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Babe the standy ROCKS

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No wonder I liked your stallion, same sire as Envy, the prettiest best standy I have ever owned. You can pretty much do anything with her, nothing fazes her.:))


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I had a San Simeon years ago. Lots of bling! Chestnut, 4 white socks and a big blaze.
An old friend owned San Simeon himself. He rescued him out of a paddock with no idea who he was, San Simeon had been listed dead. He was such a lovely stallion and it was so awesome the night at GP when Peter snuck SS up behind Lou Austin while he was talking about him with no idea the horse was alive let alone right behind him. SS put his head over Lou's shoulder and Lou teared up on the track, was a beautiful night.

The prettiest SS we had was Rich Sango. Won about 5 or 6 races from memory, was a beautiful brown gelding with star, snip and socks. I wanted him as a riding horse, the most beautiful temperament.

San Sam arrived to us off a truck. My Grandfather brought him in NZ without telling my Grandma and then he passed away. The horse just rocked up and we had no idea about him. He won his first 9 straight in Perth for us by massive margins. Was an awesome horse to ride, I had a ball on him and he is still with family in Harvey after having been a successful endurance horse.

Even Par used to race with the likes of Mount Eden etc in those days. Beautiful big stallion who won good money for his time.

We have had many more by him through our place, only 1 that was hot (she was also chestnut!), Miss Time Change but boy she could run. It was a shame she did a tendon before she had a chance on the track as she was quick. SS is a personal favourite of mine along with Mystical Prince.

Anyone know much about The Sunbird Hanover? Only 1 I know of is really sweet but nervy.
Is this true the great San Simeon was just left out in a paddock not being cared for.
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