STB bloodlines - exceptional (or not) temperaments


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I know with some TB bloodlines there are some extreme temperament issues, and was just wondering if there are any bloodlines in standies that have similar inherited temperament problems, to the point of definitely avoiding them as riding horses?

Conversley, are there any lines that are known for their exceptional temperaments? LOL I havn't met a standy that I didn't like but I am very biased towards the breed;)

I have no experience with the racing industry side of things, but longterm I plan to re-educate retirees for new careers under saddle (LOL other than my own horses), so I am trying to expand my knowledge:)



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hay painter good question and to this i can answer

i have own 2 RESONATOR USA and lets say there where speical they have to handle right or you got attuide big time they firey tempramental yet they honest and kind horses once they bond with you so not for the faint hearted they horses that need the correct owner a firm and kind hand and who will work with them not try and control them

now i own a stoneridge scooter and she just lovely honest down to earth horse

and a parson dens filly very sweet very kind honest horse learns very quick

so all in all it just depends good luck



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ive had a resonator as well, and known/ridden on a few occations another, pluss know of others(but hadnt ridden them), yes they are a bit diffrent!!, LOVLEY moving horses!


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Hehe, Trix is a Resonator and I've just been riding another this morning. If you want a good moving horse, go for a Resonator **) I have heard, and ppl can correct me if I am wrong, but Mystical Prince horses don't have the best work ethic and can be a bit stubborn. It is certainly true of the handful i have ridden but I haven't owned any. Any particular line you have in mind Painter that you want to know about?


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Definately right with Mystical Prince. They don't like work. More so the mares than the geldings. Resonaters can be unpredicatable. But when they want, the best horses to deal with. Never really liked either of these stallions myself.

Our Sir Vancelots. Had a few of these. All lovely. Just watch them for stiffle issues.

Live Or Dies are generally lovely. However mares are usually a bit cranky. Had LOTS of these for only one bad one.

If you want a horse with a great canter look for Live or Die or Classic Gary blood. However Classic gary can be hot and spooky. Not all of them though.

Had some statures, really good looking horses, good movers. Watch there feet though, they tend to be boxy and upright. They will let you know when unhappy, but generally have excellent work ethics.

Safely Kept are all had fantastic temperaments. Had a few. Can't speak highly enough their temperaments. Liked everyone I've had. Tend to have a bit of chrome, just not the prettiest heads.

Had one Parsons Den. Nice bodied horse, but crooked legs (seems to be common with the Parson dens), fantastic temperament though.

Perfect Arts are also good looking horses and generally good to deal with. Love them, shame he died.

Courage Under Fire are really great. Got one here he is a little cheeky but a super horse to deal with. Like the In The Pockets, love their work, nice friendly horses. And Christian Cullens are the same.

Thats all for now, for me. Always remember when looking at a horse to look at each horse on a case by case basis. There past as well as there breeding will have a large bearing on their behaviour.


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Woah kp you are a bloodlines library!!
Excellent post, I am sure the OP will be very happy with the reply! **) :D


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Great post kp, totally agree with you.

Love the Safely Kept's and Courage Under Fire's. Generally the Live or Die's are good, however I know of a yearling filly who is stunning but an absolute monster.

Have heard terrible things about Crouch's. Would steer clear of them if possible. Had a run in with a Crouch filly once, she was a nightmare.

Have two Saabs at the momenyt. One is absolutely beautiful, alot of personality, very quiet and very easy to do anything with. The other one is sweet, but very highly strung. Generally Saabs are pretty good though. Nice looking horses.

amber sunday

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from personal experience :)
saab- tend to be hot headed although sweet(particurlarly the mares)
albert albert- generally quiet, but stubborn
badlands hanover- quiet and easy going.
i have worked with 4 of each of these sires offspring :) and all tend to follow these patterns


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I too own a Resonator Mare, she can be unpredictable and tempermental at times, but overall is a great mare :)


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Awesome info everyone - thanks heaps!

Gaia, don't have any specific, just looking for general info to expand my knowledge:) I would always assess the horse as an individual, but having some info on the genetic background might help in certain instances.

Although glad to hear about the Our Sir Vancelot progeny, I love my boy to bits and would gladly welcome others like him (and co-incidentally and unintentionally, it looks like I have found another one**)

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I think all stbs have a bit of stubborness and dominant traits in them. All the ones ive known have been dominant horses. My mare is by Magic Fella and is quite tempermental and is aggressive towards other horses, dogs, cats and chooks.
She has her moments but can be a nice horse too.


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I've had a couple of horses by Crouch. Never had any issues with any of them. One was a fantastic saddle horse.

Love the Badlands Hanovers. Mine have all been wonderful horses. But do know of some that can be nervous.

Don't like Saab's at all. Had one, he would've been the worlds stupidest horse. If there was a way he could hurt himself guaranteed he would. Would never have another.

Would also never have another Barnett Hanover. The last one we had used to like to jump fences with carts on!

Not a fan of Village Jaspers. Got two, both are incredibally arrogant. But know some people who love theirs.

Bit of a fan of Albert Albert's. Most of ours were really good to deal with on the ground and good to work. But not particularly cuddly horses. They seemed to prefer to be left alone.

Holmes Hanover's were generally ever reliable. Had a few only came across one bad one, but that seemed to come from his maternal line.

One of my favourites are the Fake Left horses. They are absolute gems. Very big loss to the breeding industry he was.

Also not a fan of Iraklis as a sire. Found my ones, especially one of them, to be piggy horses.

As for Magic Fella's, I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot barge pole. Lots and lots of dodgy ones out there. He is a little reknown for throwing hot and difficult to deal with horses.
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Can't tell you much about Champagne Happy progeny. But do remember seeing him one day standing in the corner of his yard weaving with a chook sitting on his back.


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My boy is by Presidental Ball, has a bit of cheeky streak to him but wonderful nature.

KP do you know if there have been many other Presidental Ball progeny here?


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I have a sunday silence, she can be a nightmare, as is very dominant and has handling issues, but can be a sweetheart too, shes lucky i love her

jett laags are hotheaded and can be awful to handle! but go like the blazes!!!

LOVE albert alberts & safely kepts, every one ive worked with has been a dream!!!

love my parsons dens boy, and every other parsons den horse ive worked with has been sweet, willing and honest but god he throws that awfvul head and those wonky legs more often than not!


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oh and I agree with KP about the fake left horses, theyre sooooooo great! one of the best stalliojs ive handled was by FL and our other boy who we had to pts unfortunately was a FL LOVE them!


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Yes heard plenty about the Jet Laag's being a bit goey. Our 2yo filly is alittle like that. But super sweet on the ground.

Found the Presidential Ball's I've had to be nervous horses. Ours have had a good work ethic, if anything they tended to want to over do it. Loved the mare we had, tough as old boots. She had a bad injury to her knee, she tolerated everything we did to her without ever once flinching. Lovely mare. The gelding was very highly strung and nervous. But still tried to please. He seemed to drive himself nuts trying to please so much. He was frustrating at times, just trying to get him to chill a bit. Just had another come in. Seems to be pretty similar to the other two. Two were fairly solid horses, the other was very much like your boy, Ace. Despite their nerves I do like them, no buck, bolt, spook, rear, and also good on the ground.


Satinover was the worst temperamented Standy I ever saw.
He threw some lovely looking foals but they weren't nice animals. Cantankerous and a little unpredictable.
I can remember one stunning black filly of his. Absolutely beautiful to look at but the beauty was only skin deep.
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