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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Kodas Karen, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Kodas Karen

    Kodas Karen New Member

    I haven't post much, and I've been debating whether or not to type this so I've thrown caution to the wind and I'm going to anyway!

    I'm still on a high. Two weekends ago I did something I've never done before on a horse and I had a ball! My friend texts me Friday night to ask if I want to help her move the sheep on our horses from the top paddock to the bottom paddock, her hubby was to crutch them then we had to move them back.

    I told her I've never done it before and I don't know how Aladdin would go (my 13 year old Standie). She said who cares, come out and give it a crack! So I did and we did AWESOME! and had a ball. Best part of the day was when the sheep began to run in the wrong direction. In an instant and without me feeling like I asked him to do anything, we were straight into a canter to beat the sheep up the fence line, turned, faced and pushed them back! Amazing! After the sheep work was done we went for a 12km trail ride. Awesome weekend!

    Last weekend I was motivated to again try something I've never done. I saddled up Aladdin and ponied Koda (paint in my avatar) into the bush across the road from where I live. I've done it around my property but never out and about. It was a windy day and neither of my ponies put one foot wrong. We rode through water, past the noisy frogs in the creek and through all the trees. Did a little trotting with the walking and no cantering because Koda is more forward moving than Aladdin and I wasn't sure if I had the rope skills to correct Koda if she got in front of us. I did okay at the trot though, so I'm happy with what we did.

    Like I said, I'm still on a high from those 2 weekends, I'm going to try and challenge myself again this weekend and try something under saddle I haven't tried before. I haven't thought of it yet, but I'm sure something will come to me!

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your horses like I did and the following days bring you joy and happiness!

    Thanks for reading.

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  2. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    Rounding up sheep on horse back is fun, I used to round up sheep on horseback in the NZ highlands.
    What are you going to do next?
  3. Macchiato

    Macchiato Well-known Member

    Great post KK. That is what its all about. Having fun with your horse!!!!
  4. Kodas Karen

    Kodas Karen New Member

    Thanks! OM, I'm not sure, and it looks like hubby has decided we need to go wood chopping this weekend. So maybe after that I'll try jumping. I've never done that, well not deliberately! So I think after collecting wood I might set up a few little jumps and just see how it goes. Aladdin is such a sweetie, so I'm sure he'll baby me through it. I have no idea what to do so I'll just go with the feel and see how I go.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  5. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    Jumping is fun if your horse is sure footed and enjoys jumping. Hubby's horse goings through or around things NOT over things lol.
    Sounds like you are going to have fun.:)
  6. Kodas Karen

    Kodas Karen New Member

    I'll find out I guess. If he goes around then at least my bum is still in the saddle right! And he is so much fun to ride!
  7. PlumpRump

    PlumpRump New Member

    Sounds fantastic fun! Thanks for sharing the high. I hope your riding days continued to be enjoyable @Kodas Karen

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