Scrap City Councils!

Local government councils are a layer of government we can surely do without and as a consequence, there
should be strong moves at the State level to begin dispersing the more important council responsibilities to the relevant ministerial departments. For example, ALL planning and transport approval processing requirements should be the sole responsibility of the Planning and Transport minister(s) – period! The end result being smaller councils with limited responsibilities that can be easily amalgamated/centralised.

In support of the above statement a person only needs to take a look at Commissioner Tony Power’s inquiry report into the Perth City Council in which he stated; “overall, the city was poorly led, poorly governed, dysfunctional and, as a result, failing in its most important duty – to properly represent and serve the needs and interests of its community”. A finding that is not just unique to the Perth City Council!

Over the past five years, more than 10 councils across Australia have been sacked amid varying allegations of corruption, budget blowouts, infighting and general dysfunction! Despite the sackings, the work of local government goes on, prompting ratepayers, academics and local business people to ask if councillors are actually needed at all and the answer is; NO!

It is now more important than ever that every effort is made to minimize the long and short-term impact of the covid-19 virus outbreak on our economy and on our community, particularly our children! To this end, the local governments need to lead by example and make cost effective decisions as part of any post-Corona economic recovery plan. SCRAP COUNCILS!
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