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  1. tori

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    my appy is 27 yo, this exact time last year he started dropping off and had scourers for months, he got an edema under his tummy and a hematoma between his front legs , i had every test done and tried every remedy there is, nothing helped, i just kept pumping the feed into him and he came good on his own.

    now its back! (like i said, same time as last year)

    his poo is like a hose squirting water.
    edema under his tummy,
    he is lethargic and seems annoyed when i touch his face.

    could he be grass affected?
  2. PlumpRump

    PlumpRump New Member

    Have you had a lot of rain in your location? Its a terror of a time for sand to be picked up along with those green sprouts after a summer of dry. With his age pumping the feed into him is a good idea to keep his system moving. You could try to add some oak husks to pick up anything that might be affecting his gut and more hay if his old teeth can handle it, but if he came good with what you did last year, try that again first. I hope he returns to normal for you soon. All the best.

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