Saddles for Warmbloods


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Why didnt they just pay to have it irradiated??? I've never had problems with customs and wool? ( I even had bags of wool sent with a saddle so it had the same sort of flock when i had it adjusted!)

I thought the only time they did that was if they were worried about hidden drugs!
Every thing was done that could be and they still insisted that the stuffing was removed. Perhaps a very zealous custom officer.It was a pony saddle.


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Lots of showjumpers use kentaur saddles for their large w/bloods. they are European made and definitely accommodate for big warmbloods, am sure Lucy from kentaur could advise u on what would be best.


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Yep- Kentaurs are pretty good fit wise- I find them incredibly uncomfortable- but I know many others love them... And I'm not overly fond of the leather **)


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I've been trying some saddles and taking all of this advice on board.

I tried the bates dressage, I can fit 4.5 fingers in the channel down the middle but most of the saddles I've looked at are slightly more narrow at the back?

He seemed a lot more free through the shoulder with the dressage than the other saddles I have tried so far.

I am going to get someone out so I can try the KN's and Kentaur's as well.
I found a second hand Kentaur (basically new) that I can afford now though.

I have to be realistic, I want a better saddle for my horse but I have to be able to pay it off as I can't afford the outlay all at once. So it puts a few of the great suggesions on the back burner.


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I brought mine through customs with me. a harrison howard. a nice one. i did not remember its price. a reasonable price i think. you can buy it off ebay.
recommendations only.
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