Saddles for Warmbloods

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Melle79, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    I have a new big (17.1hh) fairly wide WB gelding and a caprilli saddle (I have just come off a TB) and they don't seem to work well together.

    Any suggestions? I'm happy to look at any price range at this stage (would obviously prefer less) to see what's out there
  2. pso

    pso Gold Member

    The laser amulet from equestricare or the VH are prob the most suitable available locally **)
  3. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    i found it easier to get each of the saddle fitters out with a range of saddles for me to try - its time consuming but enlightening... i loved an anky something i was sitting on in the shop but hated it when i got it on mav - same with some of the others but the one i went for was a not very well known saddle from europa that only cost me $800 and was by far the best fit and more comfy then some of the thousand plus saddles!
  4. Chardonnay

    Chardonnay Active Member

    I have a chunky Morgan and the Laser Amulet is perfect. My daughter has a 3 and a half year old Warmblood and the Laser was great on her, however she ended up purchasing a Bates Dressage as it was very similar in style and fit (nice wide channel). Try the laser, it is well worth a look, I love mine. I started riding my Morgan in a Caprilli but once he matured and muscled up it was hopeless.
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  5. Celestial Park

    Celestial Park Active Member

    Kieffer all the way!
    Have an older style Wein (it would be about 15 years old and the leather is still awesome) and just purchased the new Kur! Looove these saddles and they are great fit for warmbloods and for taller people like me with long legs they are awesome!
    Good luck saddle hunting :)*
  6. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    KN saddles are a great place to start!
  7. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    I have some relatives visiting from the UK soon, does anyone know about bringing a saddle back from the UK? these all look cheaper over there?

    Is there an issue with leather/stuffing?
  8. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    I brought mine through customs with me (but it was a treeless so not so heavy). If you can persuade someone to bring it in in their personal luggage rather than shipping one it is easier.
    They must be presented in clean condition (no obvious dirt) and not have been in contact with a horse for at least a week.
    Customs insisted on spraying mine with Virkon which made the leather a bit dry and crappy until I oiled it again, and now when it gets wet I get a white film come to the surface of the leather - I assume it's the disinfectant as no one else I know with these saddles has the problem. Doesn't affect the look or performance on a day to day basis though.
  9. Chardonnay

    Chardonnay Active Member

    The Laser Thinlines (Amulet) are a UK saddle. Mine arrived in perfect condition, Jess from Equestricare imports them. Maybe have a google at them.
  10. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Definitely try a KN..I wouldn't have anything else now
  11. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Actually- its cheaper if you buy from uk and get posted- if your rellies buy, they'll have to pay VAT ;)

    Please look at the channel width, not just the brand names...Alot of the big names mentioned arent great choices for big boned horses
  12. Melle79

    Melle79 Well-known Member

    What about a Passier? They have wide channels right?

    While I would love to buy a brand new saddle a 4k pricetag is just going to be too much unless it's something I can pay off at a store.

    So I need to find other options that I might be able to find second hand in good condition for about 2500-3000
  13. pso

    pso Gold Member

    They have wide gullets- the channels ARENT that wide at the back (which is where alot of your weight is concentrated ;) )

    For a large horse you need 4-5 fingers channel width all the way through the saddle, most off the rack saddles are lucky to be 3 fingers wide at the back
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  14. Deus

    Deus New Member

    Check out BALANCE SADDLES, very good for wide/ thick horses, I brought one & so did my friend. There's a few over in Australia now, have to learn to ride in them though, like riding bareback but excellent for your horse & never get sore backs. They soon realize they can lift their rib cage & come through from behind.
    If interested, my friend is selling her balance saddle as she has brought a Parelli Saddle, very similar design. She is known as FAXIE on here, you could message her. Am sure she will nego with the saddle. Cheers
  15. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    hehe thanks Deus;)

    Totally agree with everything Deus says of course! Was very happy with the Balance and never regretted buying it. I have moved on to a Parelli Fluidity and am even more pleased!

    They are both expensive saddles, the Parelli more than the Balance but so worth it. I prefer having one saddle that I can use for both my horses rather than one saddle fitted only to that one horse.

    Melanie Fleming is the Oz rep for Balance and comes to WA regularly.. check her website for details if you are interested.
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  16. myst

    myst Active Member


    Friend just bought a saddle from UK, customs have removed all the wool stuffing even though it had been treated over there. Import costs and custom charges were very high and she has to have the saddle restuffed.
  17. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    That's terrible Myst! My Balance has carbon fibre fill not wool, so I didn't have any issues although I did import it in 2003 so maybe the rules have changed since then! Havent heard of that before it sounds very extreme.. But maybe they had just cause to remove it?
  18. myst

    myst Active Member


    The strange thing is that it was Australian wool in the stuffing and they had papers to say all fumigation etc had been done.
  19. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Why didnt they just pay to have it irradiated??? I've never had problems with customs and wool? ( I even had bags of wool sent with a saddle so it had the same sort of flock when i had it adjusted!)

    I thought the only time they did that was if they were worried about hidden drugs!
  20. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    Not sure why as I walked through customs with my Saddle (from the UK).......all they did was take it, spray it with Vercon and gave it straight back.

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