rubber matting.


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Ive just bought a new Imperial float, and the rubber is supposed to be slip proof, but Im not entirely sure about that, it LOOKS like it would still be slippery when wee'd on (will soon find out when floats actually here :)* ) Nanny that rubber looks great, Id like to get some even if its just for the ramp :)*


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I have the same as HorseSlave- looks pretty much like NG's pic on the under side (or what I use as the underside!)...2.4x1.2m= $65


Za Za they are 1.3m by 0.97m: according to OH (who does the technical stuff aoround here) we'd need 4 to do our extended float completely and 50 bucks is REALLY good value.
Have to agree about the value **)

The size of the sheets is why I chose not to use it in my float.
We wanted to cover as much of the floor as possible with one sheet to avoid joins. We felt it would be a little easier to seal the floor that way. :)
At the price of those sheets at the moment I might have to duck up and grab one for the one yard we don't have any in though ;)

Anna E

I see your point Za Za - OH spent some time yesterday doing geomoetry to see if we could join all the pieces up and seal it...!
Finally decided no we couldn't, but at 19kg each I'll be able to haul them out and sweep/hose underneath them. At the moment the mats in my float are ex conveyor belt stuff and they are SO heavy - I can't get them out, which means it doesn't get cleaned under there as often as it should.
A sealed floor would be great but don't have the biccies at the mo to cough up 700 bucks for a spray in floor...
P.S. I have carpet on my ramp.. Less heavy, comes free from the carpet shop (stuff they pulled out to replace), non slip and when it gets grotty we replace it with a new bit!


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I've got tha non-slip raised circle rubber mats in my float as well - got it from Clark Rubber.

But for a truck if you are looking for conveyor belt rubber, and can't locate any closer to Manji, I saw a place today heading into Bunbury going north on SW Hwy, just after the Indoor Beach Volleyball centre on the left. Its called something like Engineering rubber and splicing and there are heaps of different width conveyor belt rolls outside the factory unit.


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thanks painter!

and i like the look of that other stuff, the lighter stuff up the top, it would be much easier for miss 11 and i to move on our own.........

ill have to give it some thought.

thanks everyone for your input. :))


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