Rubbed Shoulders & Manes? - I have a solution!


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Are you stuggling with rubbed shoulders and manes, which are all too common through the cooler months!​

I have a solution!!

EQyss Mega Tek Rebuilder - Pure magic in a bottle, it has been said it can grow hair on rocks!

Reduces breakage.
Grows much longer and faster.


Directions for use

Apply Mega-Tek to areas suffering from dry skin conditions or areas with hair loss and to cracked paw pads. Mega-Tek can be used as a complete hair reconditioner by applying when wet and leaving on 5 minutes, then rinse off.

Are you ready to transform your horse's coat?
Once you use EQyss products, then you won't go back to anything else.
They are unlike anything you have tried before.


"The EQyss coat rebuilder has so far been amazing! This is the first time I have tried this product and am using it on a mare that we we are preparing for a show next month. She has very sensitive skin and some rub marks on her coat which this magic stuff has not just helped but at this stage looks to be COMPLETELY REPAIRED!! I will be telling all my horsey friends about this one!"

EQyss Mega-Tek

Mega-Tek is a revolutionary formula and a technological breakthrough. Strengthens without the use of synthetic polymers, oils, or peroleum based products.

COATS: Strengthens hair so mane and tail won't break off easily. Makes hair healthier and stronger. Amazing results when used on mane rubbed out with combo rugs / hoods. If you are using fly rugs with neck covers then using this product once a week on the mane will prevent it thinning out.

HOOVES: Makes hooves grow from 10% to 50% faster and makes them 30% stronger. Sand cracks are reduced, quarter cracks heal faster, shoes hold better.

Voted Product of the Year by USA Horse Journal!

Read some more reviews below​

$60.00 a bottle (473ml) and worth every cent! Email [email protected] or order via the website Home - Show Horse Supplies


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I have this stuff! Rhett had really bad shoulder rub last year, and I use it every couple of days and so far, no shoulder rub! Loving it :)


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Certainly could work, and there are others who it has worked very well for, completely covering the old scars in hair. I would use it every day or at least every second day if you can to get the best results on a scar :)*


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i've tried that hishine serum that also says it can grow hair on concrete , but with no luck, used it twice a day everyday until i finished the bottle.

no offense but at $60 a bottle i'd want some kind of guarantee or at least some hard core evidence that it works for old scars :)*

edited to add i'd be happy to be a test subject!!


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No offence taken!

Sorry about the quality am at work so took photos of the computer on my phone!

This picture is the same horse mentioned in the first post about the chest hair not growing back, this is after 3 days!!

My mare has bad scars on her hocks so i've got a bottle coming in my next order for her, I definately think it will work, the only reason i'm yet to use it on her is because I agist so can't apply it every day. I too had no luck with HG Serum but have seen amazing results with this product! I actually used a bit of a friends bottle and in applying it twice to a over reach injury the hair growth was so much I actually had to clip the leg before a show as it looked weird!
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hahaha can it grow back my skin on the ferral scar on my knee :p no hair please !! hahaha

im deffinately going to need this for nova !!!!


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From the sounds of all the mischief Nova gets up to, it could be a handy product to have on hand! :p


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Does it work on tail regrowth, I have two who have surfboards as a naughty little person chewed their tails right up to the doc and I want to show them.


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Tarz, will it stimulate hair growth from a folicle that does not grow any hair at the moment?


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Going by reviews and testimonials on human and equine hair, then yes. You would need to try it to know for sure as every case is different of course but I do think it could help you!

I have a few sample pots in stock with more arriving tomorrow, and further arriving in 1.5 weeks

PM, email ([email protected]) or order via the online order form Home - Show Horse Supplies :)
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