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[imgleft]http://www.stockyard.net/images/ridingstraight_comp.jpg[/imgleft]We would like to welcome Riding Straight as an advertiser on Stockyard.

Riding Straight is a unique approach to developing the ultimate synergy between horse and rider. It applies Sports Science to the equestrian field, helping both horse and rider to be balanced, supple, fit and strong, improving communication and performance.

Until you experience “riding with feeling” you cannot appreciate how valuable this learning experience is. Riding Straight coaching and clinics involve more than just a flatwork lesson.........you are taught how to truly connect with your horse not “just ride”.

You will learn how your body affects and blocks your horse, how to communicate your aids more from your body, rather than just your hands and legs, how to develop your horse’s flexibility and suppleness correctly and how to improve your performance no matter what discipline or what level.

When a rider is balanced and in sync with their horse, the horse has the freedom to move.

Clinics, lectures, assessments and coaching available.

Please check out the website: Riding Straight Website



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Welcome, though can I suggest that you change the text colour on your website from black on the dark blue background to white - it is nearly impossible to read.


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Its light blue (almost white) text on a black background on my screen?:confused:


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I have the same as PSO screen wise :)

Welcome :) I will need to look into having an assessment although I already know my position in bad atm :(


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Have heard about wonderful improvements from this approach to riding.

Web is fine for me too, just love the home page pic...


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sounds great -- and i love it that you keep popping up everywhere PSO :)

i cant read the events page or some of the other bits cos of the dark blue screen and black writing ... i think the dates were the 2nd and 3rd jan ...? for the clinic thingy?


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hmmm...strange about the writing...wonder why it only happens for some people? (better tell her to check that out ;) )

yep 2/3rd Jan for the clinic:)


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Glad to see you here! @)@)@)@)@)

I've had some really large riding improvements from my sessions/lessons with Riding Straight! I highly recommend you to everyone!

Riding Straight

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Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome!:D

I aim to provide useful info and insights to help those who are interested, achieve your goals or work thru sticking points.......it is amazing how sometimes a slight tweak of your position can create a huge improvement......

I also plan on having regular clinics/lectures throughout 2010 covering things from improving your position, teaching dressage movements, problem solving and lunging to improve suppleness & attention.....plus more..:)

And thanks Magic for your comments.......!!


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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!....not that I go on here much but I'm so pleased you're finally putting the word out there, even if it means we have to start sharing you a bit more now :D.

Riding Straight is Fred and Karla's instructor and she has improved them both so much over the last year. Her lessons are amazing; she's refreshingly different to most instructors and you'll be amazed at how much you achieve in each lesson and how it will change the way you think and go about your riding.

She has a remarkable ability to be able to get to the core of an issue and make improvements in horse and rider quickly. She's also very dedicated and motivating and will give homework that she expects to be completed, so be prepared to be serious!

Good on you, as long as you still have time for us up here! Oh, and the website reads fine on my computer too. Rachx.

Riding Straight

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:D Thanks WHH, & it makes my job easier when riders such as Fred & Karla are so open minded AND motivated!!! And congratulations on a fantastic open day..........Fred again demonstrated what an incredible horse handler he is & the brumbies are amazing......cant wait to start on Tommy...

and PSO......speaking of weights....I hope you're still working out with yours.....not just using them as door stops.....;)


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I LOVE that you do video assesments! Great for us out here in the country.
I'll be telling my friends and contacts incase their interested in such a service ;).
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