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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Halligan, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Hi all, yes for sure, is a weekday or weekend better? I could do first thing sat mornings at say 8 or Sunday morning same time or in the arvo at around 4?
    If a weekday is better let me know and will see what times I can get out there for :D
  2. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    I'll ask everybody this end and thankyou !!
    Some very nervous people here - Be nice !!!!!!!!
  3. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    You know me I'm always nice :) first session is always bout assessing everyone individual needs, seeing where they are and what they want to get out of each session :)
  4. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Id love to come along to a class as well - but just dont have the time to travell the few hundred kms :p

    I bought myself a Pilates DVD the other week - and a mat, and a ball, and a giant hair lacky thing :p I started last night - and wow!

    During it, it was damm hard to focus on what to do, and it exposed some serious weekness (serioustly soft core section - lol) But It felt fairly passive.
    After doing It however, it felt like I had been stretched from top to toe, I am very impressed.

    And I really enjoyed spending the time just doing it for myself :)

    I then finished up with a Yoga session..... and had the best sleep I have had in weeks **)

    I highly reccomend it - or whatever stretching strengthening you can do.....It felt really good :)
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  5. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    un-committed hehe *#);)

    stretching is great! Been meaning to do yoga classes but no time. so awesome for everything.

    I would be interesting in a weekday thing in Midland :p
  6. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Hey -If we have to sweat you do to ( Yuk -hate keep fit but need it to ride better)
    NO CAMERAS No nlackmail shots and all are sworn to secrecy when we make idiots of ourselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    better start running then :p

    Will bring a secret concealed camera to take photos of the elusive Brew EXCERCISING!!! *#)
  8. Omega Conquest

    Omega Conquest Well-known Member

    i will be the one falling over my own feet :p how imbarassing lol
  9. shadowkat

    shadowkat Well-known Member

    I do a Pilates class at work, and it always makes me super-sleepy for the rest of the day.
  10. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Hey brew, all's fair in love and war! My
    first jumping session in about a year, and maybe 4th ride in a year and you're out there with your camera... Might have to bring mine to your first session hehe xxx ;)
  11. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

  12. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Woohoo! Go kass! :)
  13. pso

    pso Gold Member

    How many riders would be interested in rider stretch classes? (not fitness as such- though both together help LOL) To help deal with suppleness and pain issues?
  14. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    *eoroe waves hands in air *

    Me PSO!!! (in Wagin right? :p)
  15. Tempo

    Tempo Well-known Member

    Completely off topic - but very glad you chose my idea of Freeform Fitness as a name Halligan!
    It looks awesome and I LOVE your logo **)
    Best of luck, hope you're literally run off your feet :p
  16. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Somebody told me you had a chamber with a rack !!!!
  17. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    And the problem with that ..is...????

  18. pso

    pso Gold Member

    pfft- who told? Not many have seen that :p
  19. Excelsior Centerpiece

    Excelsior Centerpiece Well-known Member

    hey PSO.. nice rack!! WOOWOOO!! *#)
  20. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Pretty hard to keep secrets round the horse world !!!

    You riding at the champs this weekend ???

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