Red roan Thoroughbred cross? Can it be done??with a roan colour result

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Ranga, Oct 5, 2019.

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    Cam this be done..I read somewhere TB's don't carry the roan gene or something like that..only one does.. not in Aus either .however if it was bred to a roan is there a chance the offspring may be roan? Or more likely to be able to be? Or just no point Roan TBs..rule that out as I'd love a roan big horse but not as solid as a quarter horse and not overly keen on arabians.. plus I would want it to be a solid classic red roan red head,mane ,tail and points.. not so much a varnish type ect.. I don't even know if that can be done if it can i'm guessing it would be a very big fluke to have all those things in the one big horse breed akin to a thoroughbred as I like their height,movement and build..bit empty upstairs sometimes however not always .. I prefer their minds over some of the other more slow to mature big horses...altho generally once mature are very intelligant it can be a rather slow clumsy time getting there...not really in the build plan, to big and to big..
    Does anyone have Any ideas on how to achieve this wonder horse?breeds to consider?
    .genetics needed? Theories ect?..
    I do know it's never set in stone when breeding but using the best stones to try and make the desired stone would be a good start rather than using a pebble and a rock in the hope of producing a stone

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