Red roan pony colt- is anyone after a roan sire?


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Hi all,
I have a 3 yr old colt, hes a true red roan and is approx 12.1hh
Its at the stage where I need to decide do I geld him or use as a sire. I'm just not sure how in demand that colour would be and if it's worthwhile keeping him entire against the amount of time I may use him for ( serves)
He has an exceptionally quiet temperment, has had since the day I got him as a'd almost think he's been here before..not much phases him even when new..if you were breeding kids pony's that's the temperment you would want. I am not set up for breeding my own, hence thinking of gelding as that's what he advertised as when I bought him 3 years ago and would make things like agistment a lot easier as I do have mares.. I"m glad I did buy him even though he is a colt, as he's a pleasure to have around always up for a pat and just one if those horses that make you happy with their presence. .. luckily for me not very colty however rising 3 it's at the point if he's not going to be used for breeding he'll have a much happier life if I geld him.
His colouring I think is pretty awesome,you don't see many like him especially in a pony. If I was set up for long term breeding of my horses I would with him however i'm not yet..
And I'm not sure how popular roans are, or if theres even a market for them.
Thoughts ???advice??suggestion?

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