Question about sweet chaff (oat husks)????

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Iam also having problems locating sweet chaff, no probs getting sweet bulk, but will it do the same thing? Also I wouldnt want to give that to my pony because of the molassas.
if sweetbulk does the same thing, it would make sense, Danny ahs a prob with sand and when i bought him his old owner gave me an unused bag of sweetbulk, but didnt give me any explanation about it and I never bought it for him, I wish she had told me why she gave it, she was a vet student, i may ahve saved him alot of discomfort and me alot of money!


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Has it definately got a lesser nutritional value than white chaff??? I feed my pony mare the most basic diet as anything with too much protein sends her nuts, i know oats are very low nutrtionally compared to other feeds , so how does it go just being the oat husks. Would it send her loopey??:D


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incase any of you are interested mundijong rural up on southwest highway have a good supply of the sweet chaff.


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I know this is a VERY old thread ;)

I was an initial contributor - AKA Eoroe :p I have had continued, and had great success with the feed.

I will still continue to use it for most horses, however, A bit more information on the product is handy.

The Oathusks are coated in a Glycerol product to minimise dust, and assist with the handling of the product. A very low level of Glycerol, but some horses are very sensitive to this.

If you are experiencing horses having loose manures, coinciding with the use of this product, or after a period of time on it - test for sand in the manure - and then if you are sure sand isn't an issue, consider a laxative effect from the Glycerol that the husks are coated in ;)

A laxative response is a very standard reaction from Glycerol which is a generally harmless product - but you just may be the unlucky one that has a horse with a sensitivity to it ! :)*

Sweet chaff is not a bad product, in fact it is brilliant for many horses - just not great for some, and not a good product for one of mine ;) **)


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Would you agree that the Sweet chaff is doing its job, and pushing through sand that could have been in his belly for god knows how long.

Absolutely. We always fed oat husks as kids with ponies on pure sand paddocks. It was brilliant then and its brilliant now. I could not source this when I moved area, and switched to sweet chaff which was less dusty and more pleasant to interact with. I used it in place of or with chaff and think it is an excellent product. Nice to see it get a good wrap as so many seem to confuse it with sweet bulk (aka lollies).
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