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I have read somewhere someone asking what else they can do in working and schooling there horse. I thought this might be fun for some of you to incorporte in your work outs, Does anyone else have some exercises to do as well.

Tired of circling the arena at a walk, trot, lope, trot, walk? Bet your horse is bored too. Give your horse a leg-up on his fitness routine by incorporating the following fun ground pole patterns. These ground pole exercises will enhance your horse’s footfall coordination, add suppleness to his gates, and engage his brain. Trigger will thank you for saving him from “arena-round-rut.”
Climbing the Corporate Ladder:

Material needed: eight or more ground poles. Instead of buying expensive ground poles from a jumping manufacturer, create your own by visiting your local lumber or home improvement store fencing section. Make sure the “poles” are at least six-foot in length, rounded not squared, and six inches in diameter.

Next set the poles in a ladder fashion at 4 to 4 and half feet apart for walking exercises, six to six and half feet apart for trotting, and nine feet apart for cantering or loping.

Once you horse has command over the flat poles at each gait now you can work on the corporate combos.

FAST TRACK: Using eight ground poles space appropriately apart for the gait you will be using. Next graduate each ground pole up in height by 3 using various material you probably already have around the ranch—cones, tires, jump cups, etc. Your last pole will be twenty-four inches high. This is not a jumping exercise, it’s footfall placement so ride your horse accordingly.

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Using you ground poles, place around the arena in-groups of three varying heights and spacing. Remember to talk with your legs and whisper with your hands as your guide your horse around the arena. Start slow, at walk until you and your horse master the maneuvers than you can ask for extended gaits.

BACK DOOR: This exercise is for the more advanced horse and rider. Place the ground poles parallel to each other four feet apart by sixteen or so feet long. Back your horse through the tunnel in a straight line. Once you horse back straight and relaxed flexed at the poll. Try the common trail L-shape backing. Once you successful with the L add Z-shape, T-shapes, and B-shapes. You can also use white non-toxic chalk or flour for this exercise if you don’t want to move the ground poles around all day.

Corporate Ladder exercises are for fun and flexibility plus giving you and your horse an arena rail break. If your horse balks at any of the exercises, there might be a hole in his basic training. Don’t punish your equine buddy, be patient, and re-train so you both will enjoy the ride.

happy riding, they are alot of fun and keeps your horse from getting bored.


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Excellent exercises Reinsman, poles are invaluble aren't they?

I use ridden pole exercises alot, and even more so with all my young horses during groundwork sessions. Linda Tellington-Jones has an excellent book out describing these and also has some listed on her website

They help so much with the horses self awareness and coordination, and are great fun too!


Hey,they are really good,i am currently doing pole work with my boy,so i will do them,do you know any others?Or do u know any sites where i can get activities from?



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