Pinto/Roan/Dilute Standardbreds?


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I think there have been a handful of successful ones (EVP and/or KP can verify) but i think they are far and few between. I find it extemely hard to think you could breed for a colour AND have a successful race horse at the same time. The ones that have have probably been pot luck. There is a stud in Queensland that breed coloured pacers from a stallion that is Homowhatsits, but not sure on his record. Personally he isn't my cup of tea :) Oh have just had a look at the website and he has been sold
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I think the coloured racing is much bigger in England and Ireland.

There hasn't been a decent pinto standardbred race in WA for a long long time. The ones I can think of that raced were very ordinary indeed. I can think of three in the last few years. Rorschach(sp) did okay in Queensland before being sold overseas. There was one in the 60's I think that did well. But that is a long time ago now.

Haven't seen a roan race over here for a long time. There were a few that went okay. There was a pretty smart mare running around in Melbourne a few years back.

There are few decent greys going around. A very nice grey won last night. They have also won the derbies and gold nuggets over here in the last few years. There was also a very nice grey horse that was running around in cups class races in New Zealand a few years ago.

Personally I can't see the point in breeding a standardbred solely for colour. The majority of coloured standardbreds are average at best.


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Hey, does anyone have any pinto, roan, or dilute standardbreds (pictures would be amazing!)? I, myself, have a pretty bay mare, but I've never seen a pinto, roan, or dilute standardbred (anyone know if a few are for sale?). Also, is there any pinto/roan/dilute standardbred sires? - I was thinking about breeding my bay mare, but I want to get a flashy baby since the baby would be shown.. not raced.

I have a pinto standardbred mare called NV
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