Perth horse breakers?


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Hello @)

Just wondering if people can let me know of some good breakers in Perth?

I have a 3yo warmblood that needs to be broken to saddle and float trained.

This will be my first time getting a horse broken in and I definitely want to get it done properly the first time.

I have been told good things about Ian Stewart (would someone mind PMing me his number if possible?). But any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

I will be doing dressage with this boy.

thanks in advance :)


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If you contact Nikki @ Windal Park she will give you Jaydens Number
Very Good Horse Breaker **)**)
And very Kind & Gentle with your horse


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I have to 2nd Jayden :) Have been watching him lately (not that closely) and have been super-impressed with his manner around the horse.


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I really recommend Mike Jacobson! he is brilliant, calm and kind but firm. hes in toodyay but will travel.


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My horse was broken in by Ian. I was and still am very pleased with the job, i got back more than just a "breaker" and my horse was not the easiest in the first place. You will need a 4X4 to get to Ians place though, it is in the middle of nowhere!!!

For a future dressage horse you cant go wrong with Ian. The only other recommendation i would have is BC horse training, they have some very happy clients also.

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You can't really get a good overall impression from a forum :) You'll only get the positive stuff, get a list of those you like and go and see them work - they are all a little bit different and their facilities are all different (so can limit to some of the things they will do with them) Ie solid tying / bush riding / riding in traffic etc. So go and see them and decide what suits you and your ambititions with your horse :)


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Is Ian the breaker near clackline - old toodyay road or something??

If so and you want a my experiance please pm (not a positive story).

I recommend the Watkins in Bakers hill personally - they have done a great job with the horses i've sent them.


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No Ian is at the lakes.

I agree you need to go and see them all work horses and make your choice from there. There is always going to be positive and negative with any breakers, no one has a perfect record and if they tell you they do, run a mile!!!!


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I'm a Watkins fan, with my mare, but do go round and visit each one and let their actions decide you.

I live 500kms had to get family to look for me or wait till I got holidays.
After much searching I chose Watkins.


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I have also been shopping around for breakers :eek: A few have stood out, i shall pm you :)

Yes. We went up to Ian Stewarts in my Yaris. OMFG. never again. i thought we where about to go backwards down the hills. haha
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