Omega 3 Oil


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Anyone using or used Mitavite Omega 3 oil?.We have been using Canola oil that was recommended by a vet but decided to buy the Omega 3 as it's made specifically for horses.Haven't given it to them yet as finishing off the canola oil first.:))


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try kohnkes own energy gold as well as it is FANTASTIC and also has added vitamin E which is really good :D


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I used Omega 3, 6 and 9 for awhile, the vet recommended it, apparently it's good for joints and healthy hoof growth.

I stopped feeding it because it's pretty pricey, I didn't notice a huge difference in his joints, but then his joints are fine anyway...Made his coat look like he'd been painted with a high gloss paint though **)


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check it out this is the link for it :D
I ahve found the mitavite one pretty good but the kohnkes own is actually cheaper as well :) but buy it at astockfeeds not HL or ES or soemthing!!!


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Be careful with linseed oil though!!! @) Use only cold pressed linseed oil that needs storing in a dark container in the fridge.:)* :))

The other linseed oil is only suitable for wood renovation etc.


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Mitavite Performer 3 is a blend of Fish Oil, Linseed Oil & Garlic. Its a good product but some horse find it not very palatable.
Another option is Plant Based Omega 3 Oil like Linseed Oil / Flaxseed Oil which is around 60% Omega 3