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  1. kyema

    kyema New Member

    Sorry I don't know. His breeders are no longer breeding as far as I know.
    Ringo was such a gem I can fully understand you wanting to keep the line.
  2. Kim Savage

    Kim Savage New Member

    Ok thanks for that, I'll still do my research and let you know how I go **)
  3. La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita Active Member

    Pony Points! That was a fantastic little school in Gosnells, and they taught everything, not just getting on, riding, and getting off again. Lovely people, and nice horses. I was in lurve with Sailor, Stubby and Melody (the three 'biggies'), and disgraced myself by falling off Moonie, a 10hh Shetland baggage. I still remember the son, Ben, riding Sailor at a PC rally, dressed (or undressed) as Lady Godiva, complete with long yellow wool hair and enormous plastic boosies! :lol:
  4. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    I rode at Broadacres for many many years, started back in 74 through to late 80s then came back in the early 90s right up until the school closed down. Some fantastic memories from riding bareback under lights in the arena in the summer residentials to going to the pools and the weekly visit to the deli to stock up on lollies! Still see Chrissie and Diane and Richard round the traps, I bought Icon when the school closed down and we had a fantastic time together. I remember so many of the horses from back then but my favorites as a kid was Rad and Lucky. I was even lucky enough to get a lesson on Brandywine Rachel's QH. Truly miss that place, probably the best memories from my childhood are all from Broadies. When I was 7 I got my first horse, Sunny and I spent the winter resi camp there together and I soon learned the difference between schoolies and no so schoolies!!! Loved that horse tho :)
  5. GoWelshCobs

    GoWelshCobs Well-known Member

    I also rode at pony points till Jackie closed it down,

    There was dusty,sailor, Ben, lucky, Kentucky,stormy, general, baron, winney,
    A grey mare.

    I later rode dusty when I was around ten 1996 ish till she was bitten by a snake.

    Dusty and Ben were my favs I have Jackie to thanks for all my skills in caring for horses that I have now there was not quite any other place that was the same.

    I thought moonie was bigger as she was dustys mum and dusty was welshxconnyx

  6. La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita Active Member

    I was there a lot earlier than that :) Lucky was my first ever ride. They had the three biggies, Stormboy, Dusty, Moonie, Jane, Wodger and I can't remember any more (it was about 25 years ago!). Jackie and Bill were always awesome to us, as were their three kids. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, I would love to know how they are all doing.
  7. BellaSkip

    BellaSkip Well-known Member

    I worked there as an instructor between those times.

    When I worked there we had:

    Kermit, Blaze, Jimmy, Akbar, Denzil, Cougar, Mystery, Megs, Chevy, and another two. We had this gorgeous chestnut pony. He came in lame as one day and I refused to instruct with him. Think his name was Ace.

    Cougar was a monster of a pony, but great for the advanced riders. Jimmy and Blaze were my favourites out of the lot.
  8. Marz

    Marz Well-known Member

    I rode at Metros! for about a year or two, would have been 2002-2004 I thiiiink.

    I remember Kermit, and I think Adonis? A "big" palomino... I think I took my friend Lydia there... we used set up our own jump course in one of the back paddocks...

    I also rode at Remba Park around 2004, Springfield around 2003 and Foxdale between 2004-2006 I think.
  9. Natsky

    Natsky Well-known Member

    I learnt to ride at Lion Mill Riding Farm in Mt Helena. Must have been back in 1983 I think. Loved that riding school and we all had a swim after our lessons in the summer! It was run by Mrs Mackintosh and she was lovely.
  10. ChristineDowns

    ChristineDowns New Member

    What a spin out!!! I rode at Timbertop during the 70's. I rode Kylie a lot and thought a great deal of her. I imagined I would buy her! But life led me away and my first horse was a brilliant anglo arab mare, and truely my soul mate.
    Like Ringo she was blind in one eye, and like Ringo it made stuff all difference
    Did Kylie become as good a jumper as her mother Bindi? I would love to know all about her!
    I remember Timbertop horses...... dear old Jane, her daughters Junita, Lisa, Lulu,and her colt Sox.
    Jemma,Ebony, Goldie, Toffy, Digger, Ricky-the first pony I ever rode at Timbertop. Rusty, Cobber, Taree, Happy the strawberry roan, Torack the exracehorse my brother used to ride. Joe, Shasa, Cadet, Shannon-who was always dropping me. The elderly Darky who I was often privlaged to ride. Rex, Stormy.......They are all still in my memory
  11. ChristineDowns

    ChristineDowns New Member

    Memories of Timbertop
    Ringo. Dark bay with mealy nose. And one eye. Welsh pony, I guess.
    I didn?t know Ringo had a fancy name or that he had ever been a show pony! But one glance at photos of him tells of a quality pony.
    I didn?t know how he lost his eye- it was a mess of an eye ball, poor darling. The story I heard was that he tore it on barbed wire as a foal. However it happened it was a fateful accident, but with a silver lining. As it bought him to us! By us I mean everyone who ever rode him at Timbertop.
    Ringo's blind eye has special significance to me... But let me tell of one particular recollection
    It was a staturday morning lesson with Mrs Avery (Murrays then wife) in the front paddock where the jumps used to be set up. The girl riding Ringo was a fairly small thing, shorter than me as I remember and I think her name was Michelle.
    Now Ringo was a fine pony who looked after us well but in the manner of the best school masters he advanced our skills, when he judged us ready.
    It was the 44?s lying on their side that Ringo always chose to train us with. To become riders we must learn to send our horses forward into a jump, keep them straight, prevent them from ducking out stay on when they did, and stay on if they refused! And Ringo?s jump the horizontal 44?s training has kept me off the dirt in many a riding drama over the years!
    Anyway Michelle was out jumping a round while we watched, waiting for our turn, and Ringo, bless him did a determined sliding halt at the horizontal 44?s. Michelle stayed on. But her helmet slipped down over her eyes! What a sight! Ringo?s trotting around trying to run back to us and Michelle?s trying to see out from under her helmet while stopping him! One of the funniest things I?ve ever seen!
  12. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    Terrylyn are still breeding but only for their own grand kids and select people now. They are in the swan valley. I will pass on this thread to her, I am sure she will pop in to have a look.
  13. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Its metropolitan and the horse was called Kermit. Little bay with a big white face.
  14. Kim Savage

    Kim Savage New Member


    Hi Valdez,
    I was wondering what happened to Ringo's line, I would love to know more as it would be wonderful to have my granddaughters enjoy one of Ringo's descendants just as I did Ringo, I have so many wonderful memories of riding him.

    All the best Kim.

    PS: The swan valley is not far from me.
  15. blacklight6

    blacklight6 New Member

    Did anyone here go to Kilcoran Lodge down in Gelorup with Carol (or Jane these days)?
  16. kasper

    kasper Active Member

    Yes, I did. When it was carol and John. Jane was only a young girl when I was there.
  17. Placebo

    Placebo New Member

    I just had to join this forum, just so I could comment on this thread.

    I rode at Metropolitan riding school for a short while, Broadacres from about 1990ish to when they closed down.

    I also rode at Pony Points for a while until they closed down and I agree, that was by far the best riding school you could ever hope for. I can still remember making up feeds for the horses after a lesson, made up of weetbix, carrots with molasses and all sort of other stuff with each horse having their own 'recipe'. I don't have a great memory, but I remember Kentucky as friends looked at buying him when they closed down and also Baron. I think I ran into Baron a few years later at Broadacres, although I can't be sure because the girl who owned him wasn't certain that he came from there.

    Such fond memories. Thanks for starting this thread :)
  18. Ponypark

    Ponypark New Member

    Hi Teddy2shoes, Brandy came to live at a beautiful property in Pickering Brook as a companion pony and had a wonderful retirement.
  19. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    Hi Placebo, if you were at Broadacres from 1990 onwards then I probably know you - I'm one half of a set of identical twins in their teens at the time.

    I remember Baron, he was leased for the summer by a girl named Kiara.
  20. blacklight6

    blacklight6 New Member

    Awesome kasper, I was there a bit later when it was just Carol with Jane giving the occasional lesson. Nowadays I believe Jane is giving all of the lessons at her place. Do you remember any of the ponies that where there when you went?

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