New horse neighbor ladys horses pooping everywhere. Please help


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Hello I joined the forum to help me with a problem I've been having with a new horse neighbor lady that recently moved a couple houses up from my place. I want horse riders opinions and suggestions and even share your experince's on this topic. Kinda a long story, so a nice lady moved in a few lots up and she built a nice horse barn and cleared for some pastures on her land. She then went and got 3 good sized horses to live in the barn. Cool! I thought to my self, it would be neat to see some horses going buy once in a while. Ive always liked horses but just never had any experience with them. We live on a rural road but thers some traffic and they go way to fast. So I see her riding one of her horses down the front of my yard about 4-5 feet in from the road on my lawn making her way down to my trail that leads to a system of trails. No big deal she don't want to get hit by some ass flying down the road in a car. I completely understand! No problem! She never asked to use my trail but that don't bother me either trails are for exploring and it's great. I'm an ATV riders also. So a year or so goes buy she's starts boarding some more horses for people and now there's 10 or so nice big horses hanging out there. Neat! So now there's a bunch of horses and riders cutting over to my trail. So I start seeing alot of big poop piles left on my driveway and all over the section of lawn they cut across to get to the trail. I kinda figured that the riders would come back and clean up the poop once in a while, but it never happened. Well I was out doing some yard work and I saw a group of 3 horses and 3 young ladies riding towards my house. So I watched the lead horse stop and do a rather large poop right on my driveway. The rider looked back at her friends and the laughed about for a sec and started walking away. I approached the young riders and calmly and politely asked if they wouldn't mind cleaning up some of the poop that was piling up from there horses. I know it's not wise to start yelling and being a jerk around horses, it just common sence!She looks right at me and says horses poop where ever thay want and there was no way in hell they would clean it up!! Deal with it!! I just sayd whatever and went back to my yard work. I wanted to tell them that the trail the use to access the rest of the trails is mine, not to mention I never cared that the hoofs were messing up my lawn. That didn't bother me I know a busy road is dangerous for horse and rider so no big deal ride on the edge of my lawn to be safe. I was some shocked at her reply to me. So I went down to the barn and asked the woman that if she could talk to the young ladies about mabey cleaning up the bulk of the poop once in a while, she says she would take care of it. I told her thanks I'll put a rake and a shovel on the wood line and just stop buy and throw the poop into the woods every few days just to make it nice and easy on them. And mabey when they left a big pile on the driveway or in front of the mail box if they could clean that up after the ride is done. So I'm thinking she's gonna take care of it, a couple weeks go by and the group of young ladies go by almost everyday and I swear as soon as those horses get a 1000 feet from there barn one seems to always stop to leave a giant poop on my lawn on my driveway just everywhere. It's like the horses designated shitting spot now. If they would make it 200 more feet to the trail they can poop where ever that want,i don't care if it's in my woods! So I'm asking for advice from horse riders today,I want your point of view. What should I do here? I don't mind the horses at all using my lawn to walk down to my trail just cause I don't want to see anyone get hurt. And I definitely dont want to close the trail because I love trails with my ATV and I think anyone should be able to enjoy the woods. I'm just sick of big poop piles everywhere in my yard almost everyday. They simply will not do anything. Sorry for the rant I feel I've been more than fair with the barn and riders What would you riders do in this situation. Please share your thoughts and experiences with I'd just like some horse people opinions. Thank you!!!


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welcome Benny1981,

maybe a sign stating your intentions to close your trail if they don't clean up.

shouldn't be any different to having to clean up dog poo.

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