Needing advice on feeding non processed, non madeup feeds....

Helen P

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Hi all, I have just started to get back into riding after some time and would love some advice about what to feed my 2 new horses. They will both be in light to medium work and both be on good pasture grass most of the time. One is a stocky, muscly quarter horse that can be a bit forward moving and a little flighty. I would love to darken her coat, give her a nice shine and provide her with feed that can clam her down a little. The other one is a stockhorse who is very quite and has little muscle definition. I would love to build her top line, give her a nice shine and keep her nice and calm. I don't fancy feeding them complete feeds like Mitavite or the same, I would love to feed them a balanced diet made up of several different non processed feeds like Copra or bran...... I'm also pretty keen on herbs but again I would rather make them up myself rather than buy them ready. Any help would be appreciated... :)


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Hi I feed my quarter horse maxisoy, copra, chaff, a vitamin and mineral supplement, MSN, glucosamine and hay.