MG Bridles


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We probably do but as each bridle is individually made to measure with different options the price we mention may be nothing like the quote that you would get direct from Michelle herself.

I have 3 MG bridles one double galloway size, one snaffle pony size and a stunning lead in bridle for my little yearling colt.

Can't recommend her highly enough :)

I saw your bridle on here and loved it so asked Michelle to make one :eek: . Glad I did - it's stunning!!! :D


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I got my MG double bridle yesterday and I am soooo in love with it! :p

It's stunning! Michelle has done an amazing job! **)

I'll try and get some photos tomorrow


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Here is a photo of Pickles' new MG Bridle :)

Photo credit: Pearl Prior

I love it. The colour and width of the leather is perfect.

Thanks for all your help Michelle **)
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any ideas on what a lead would be worth ?
i have a nice bridle for our colt but didnt buy the lead big mistake

any ideas would be good
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