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[imgleft][/imgleft]We would like to welcome MG Bridles as an advertiser on Stockyard.

Michelle Graham has studied at Monash University completing a Bachelor of Jewellery and Silversmithing. Michelle also trained as a bridle maker in the UK with Master Saddler, Phillip Howard and his wife Karen, who is a Qualified Saddler.

Although Michelle has a great appreciation for Saddlery, it is the bridle that she loves the most. "To see a well fitting and well made bridle or in-hand halter on a lovely head is to me.....heaven".

Michelle has her own worksop in WA and works full time as a bridle maker.

Please check out the website: Michelle Graham - Bridlemaker



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WOW... Your bridles are STUNNING!!! I will be emailing you shortly to see if i can organise a fitting for my young man!! :D


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Welcome to the Stockyard advertisers family Michelle! @)

I've seen a number of bridles made by Michelle and they are really second to none - just superb workmanship. Anyone even half thinking about getting a new bridle should contact MG Bridles and wait in line..... **)


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Thanks for measuring Pickles up Michelle! **)

I can't wait to see the finished product :D :D :D


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Well, after never having heard of MG Bridles until reading about her here on Stockies, and having read about all the people who highly recommend her, I have to congratulate Michelle on her fantastic helpfulness and super-quick email responses. Something all businesses should do more of. Michelle is super to deal with! Im very impressed. **) :)*

Thanks Michelle :) (from the person wanting the barcoo bridle! LOL!)

MG Bridles

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback.

Kaisi, have ordered a brand new hide in for Pickles. Should look great.
Fitting pack in the post on Monday for the Barcoo. Looking forward to making it. Nice and manly!!



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MMMM Michelle, may have to get you out quick to make me a bridle for my little Highland before you get snowed under with too many orders!!! Smurfs bridle fits him perfect and he looks very smart!!! Its nice that you can see his face instead of it being hidden by loads of leather!!!


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How much can i expect to pay for a black full size cavesson snaffle with brass buckles? (ball park figure?)


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I think theres a black cavesson on clearance? There was an ad in classifieds about a week ago...Not sure on buckles tho ;)


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We probably do but as each bridle is individually made to measure with different options the price we mention may be nothing like the quote that you would get direct from Michelle herself.

I have 3 MG bridles one double galloway size, one snaffle pony size and a stunning lead in bridle for my little yearling colt.

Can't recommend her highly enough :)


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ball park? As in am i better off getting a $300-$350 bridle from UK or is this still an option for me?


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Yes I would believe MG Bridles are an option for you. Remember they will be made to measure. My Weymouth cost much less than other options, plus it was made to measure and had two nosebands made all for less than say a the quality of the leather is A+. Unlike most other bridles on the market.
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