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Discussion in 'Product & Service Promotions' started by Mega Kool, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Dakota Whatalena has found a new home.

    Still looking for homes for Mega Kool Colonel and Wandowen Jazzdance.
  2. DDcups

    DDcups New Member

    She looks like a nice enough horse but at 16 she's no spring chicken and at that age she wouldn't be used for breeding anyway,poor thing.. at least you would hope not.I would think she has earned her retirement.
  3. 16 is not old.. a horse still has plenty of years left at that age! as they get older they might require a bit more care but shes far from that stage

    If she is quiet, safe and sound why not. she would be a nice quiet horse for someone.
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  4. DDcups

    DDcups New Member

    She would probably make a lovely pet for someone i'm sure,but not at the price
  5. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    I agree 16 not old if they have been looked after right and not over bred from, I know a mare foaled last year at the age of 26! she only has one every 3 or so years and looks fantastic. Owner is VERY experienced and she has the best of care.

    Yet for some broodies that have bred year in year out since they turned 3 or 4 then 12 is old.

    I would never judge a mare to old for breeding at 16 with out seeing it.
    And i am talking live cover not AI here
  6. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    16s not old and its not like shes one of those unbroken broodmares she will probably make a very good pony club mount or a show horse so dont see how thats to much
  7. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Ok this is a paid advertisers promo thread.I find it extremely rude for people to make negative comments in a members promo thread as I'm sure you'd be most annoyed if it was yours,would you not??
    Enough thanks.
  8. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    my mare is 23 and she, although recently retired, was ridden reguarly loved going for a gallop swim etc everything. jazz is an awesome mare as i personally know her and priced accordingly.
  9. sil

    sil Gold Member

    This is the problem with a throw away society - once a horse gets to its late teens people start assuming it's out of date. I know plenty of horses going strong at 16 and well over 20 years of age as riding horses. A quality horse is not suddenly worthless or unrideable just becuase it's hit its 16th birthday.
  10. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Very well said. and if there is a used by date on animals, what is it for humans? Bet a few of us are "past our used by date" psml
  11. DDcups

    DDcups New Member

    Gee you people get your knickers in a knot.. All i was trying to say is theres too many horses , dogs , cats etc and not enough homes so why would you wanna breed anymore of either?
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