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Discussion in 'Product & Service Promotions' started by Mega Kool, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    Maybe you could ask for a layby type of thing... Pay her off as you get the money?
  2. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Yes Flicka, wise choice. Wait till you have your own place.
    You can see your horse when ever you have a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. No having to drive to see them.

    The total cost of having your own place, in the way of money & time, is probably a lot higher than agisting, but a lot more enjoyable. Trust me.:)
  3. mature aged rider

    mature aged rider New Member

    Good luck with selling your horses MK. They all look happy and beautiful. I would have been very interested in your little chestnut if he was gelded but the little pally Monique and Erwin have for sale has stolen my heart! I can't wait for him to be ready to ride. Your chestnut is a beautiful looking horse and I am sure you will find a good home for him. Know that all that time and effort you have put into breeding has amounted to something and will live on stock you have bred.
  4. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Hi Mature Aged Rider.
    That little chestnut is booked in to be gelded next week Wednesday 8.00am.

    So if anyone is interested in a 3 year old colt.
    IBF Paid, ready to breed.
    Great cutting and reining blood lines.
    Natural roll backs and spins.
    Very quiet, ridden twice a week, good ground manners, self loads, good to wormer and with feet.

    Be very quick. **)

    He will probably be for sale as a gelding at the end of October.:)
  5. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Hi Flicka.

    Okey's son is Mega Kool Kinda Guy.

    The chestnut (liver chestnut) is Mega Kool Colonel (Chance) 3 years old.

    He is out of a Noble TKO mare and his other grandsire is Cuttabars Colonel.
    He is AQHA & AMQHA registered.

    Chance has been under saddle for some months now. Going well.
    Natural lead changes, roll backs and spins.
    Definite prospect for cutting and reining.

    He is very balanced and has a nice slow canter.
  6. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    This you last "Chance"

    He goes under the knife on Wednesday.

    Be quick. Even make an offer.

    It would be a shame to see such a quiet boy CHOPPED.
  7. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Time Is Running Out.

    If You Would Like A Nice Quiet Colt, Broken In, Ridden Twice A Week, Self Loads, And Good In Every Other Respect.

    Natural Lead Changes, Roll Backs And Spins.
    Ideal For Cutting Or Reining.

    Ibf Paid And Ready To Breed Or Show.

    ACT NOW !!!!.

    8.00am Wednesday He Gets Chopped.
  8. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    Have you had any interest MK?

    He looks like a sweet boy, pitty i breed a completely different breed.
  9. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    No, no interest as yet and I am quite surprised.

    He's got excellent bloodline, professionally started under saddle, handled daily since he was born.

    But that's the market I suppose.

    We have had a fair amount of interest in the mares though.
  10. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    lovely horses there mega kool :)

    Shame i wasnt in the market for looking for one, dakota could of been a lovely quiet mare to ride alongside of my miss and her pony...

    LOL one powerball hehehehehe...

    good luck hope they find lovely forever homes :)
  11. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    I wish you luck !!!!!!!
  12. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    So who told him??????

    Chance wouldn't get on the float this morning so we had to cancel.

    But it's alright, the vets coming out here next week. That will teach him.
  13. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    I might have whispered in his ear........ *#)

    You might want to make sure the electric is real zappy before next week though.... someone else may whisper in his ear, and he'll try to get out of his paddock to avoid it..... :)

    Poor Chance.

    He's a lovely boy.. I watched him being ridden last week. :)
  14. Premier

    Premier Well-known Member

    thats a bit unlike him isnt it??? didnt think he had an issue with flooting he must have known what you were going to do to him
  15. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Yeah Premier, he's never had a problem with "FLOOTING":)
  16. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Talk about luck.

    I had Chance booked in to teh vets for 8.00am last Wednesday but he would not get on the float.

    I rebooked for this Wednesday, but then something else came up.
    So I rang the vet and told them to do it in the paddock when ever they have some spare time.

    It was booked for 11.30am today.

    Got a phone call from the vets this morning asking if it would be okay to rebook for 9.30am Wednesday.

    So if anyone has been thinking about buying a great quarter horse colt with excellent bloodlines, don't hesitate any longer.

    He is going to get gelded weather he likes it or not unless sold prior.:) :) :)
  17. Secret85

    Secret85 Well-known Member

    Sooo..... How'd he go today??

    Did it end up going ahead??
  18. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Yes, Mega Kool Colonel (who was a quiet colt) is now a very quiet gelding.:(

    Price has dropped accordingly. $5,500

    Started by Tales of the Trails Western Ranch and going very well.

    See advert under horses for sale.
  19. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    And he was a star pupil!!! :)*
  20. Mega Kool

    Mega Kool Well-known Member

    Prices have just been reduced.
    Good homes a must!!!

    Check ads under "horses for sale":)

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