Maxi soy pellets-fattening?


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Very old thread but does anyone have images before and after using maxisoy.... ive started my girl on it...


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Thanks Desmo,

What quantity do you feed for weight gain? Have added the maxi soy to a feed of whole lupins, wheaten chaff and Equine Chia.. Just need a little bit extra over summer..
Hi, I have been using maxisoy pellets all through the drought this year to feed my 24 yr old mare and 34 yr old gelding . I tried them years ago and wasn't real impressed, but I have changed my mind. You must always wet them and let them swell, which happens right before your eyes, so you don't wait long. ""Never feed them without first soaking"". They swell a lot and will possibly give a horse colic if not soaked. A put 1/2 a bucket of warm water in a feed bin then add two dippers of maxisoy, and then I watch and wait, amazing stuff. Then I add a big dollop of molasses and 2 X 4 litre ice cream containers of prime Lucerne chaff, mix it all up, sometimes I will add a dipper of a mixed feed like honey b or old timer, but not always. They get this twice a day while it's dry, we need rain