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Ok I will try with a thread of its own.

On the Pets of Perth - Lost and Found page they put up an article on the euthanasia of cats and dogs during the 2016/2017 financial year and some of these are alarming.

Impounding Dogs Best
1. Town of Victoria Park - 68
2. City of South Perth - 92
3. City of Belmont - 107

Impounding Dogs Worst
1. City of Wanneroo - 850
2. City of Swan - 683
3. City of Rockingham - 646

Euthanised Dogs Best
1. City of Rockingham - 1%
2. City of Fremantle - 1%
3. City of Kalamunda - 1%

Euthanised Dogs Worst
1. City of Swan - 8% (683 - 52)
2. City of Belmont - 8% ((107 - 9)
3. City of South Perth - 8% (92 - ?)

Impounding Cats Best
1. City of South Perth - 41
2. City of Belmont - 76
3. City of Rockingham - 80

Impounding Cats Worst
1. City of Swan - 555
2. City of Mandurah - 269
3. City of Wanneroo - 211

Euthanised Cats Best
1. City of Fremantle - 0%
2. City of Wanneroo - 0%
3. City of Rockingham - 3%

Euthanised Cats Worst
1. City of Belmont - 83% (76 - 65)
2. City of Swan - 55% (555 - 304)
3. City of South Perth - 46% (41 - 19)

Please keep your pets safe, if they do go missing check and go to the local pounds.
Someone found an elderly cat and took it to the pound for a chip scan, they used 3 different scanners and no chip was found. The rangers let the finder take it to a vet for assessment and the vet scanned the cat and a chip number was found and the cat reunited with its family.

Lots of pets are being stolen as well. I find it very hard to believe a large mastiff x great dane and a maremma can just disappear in suburbia.

Pets of Perth - Lost and Found, Perth Pets In Need - these are a couple of pages for lost and found pets. There are also rabbit pages, bird pages etc.

This is getting way too long.

Seems a lot of pets are getting out in Byford/Mundijong areas. Also if any friends have male Labradors in the Rockingham area please tell them to keep an eye on them. Someone has picked up 4 in the past 2 weeks. (Probably backyard breeder.)
Also can everyone get their pets checked next time at vets as quite a few pets found on Pets of Perth - Lost and Found have come up as not registered or cats are listed as dogs and vice versa. (Warning if wanting to look for missing pets they do allow photos of deceased animals if not too bad.)
There is a female blue heeler at Wanneroo pound and has rego tag for COW but it will not be rehomed if owners do not come forward.
The Cat Haven have a cat found page www.cathavenlostandfound.com. Non microchipped cats get 3 days and microchipped get 7 days listed here before they get vet work done and are put in the Cat Haven system. There is a tabby cat with greenish eyes found in Cottesloe.
With limited number of foster carers not all cats or dogs are going to make it out of the pound so please keep them as secure as possible and if they go missing let ranger and local vets know (although someone is dumping cats out of home area), check all sheds, garages and behind (a poor cat got stuck between a shed and the back fence at the beginning of December and ripped most of its fur off trying to get out) them, ask neighbours to look at theirs, if cat put its litter tray outside or cat/dog your unwashed clothes so it can smell the scent.)
(If your pet gets lost do not discount that they are not out of area as cats can be hiding in trailers, cars and dogs can be taken to a vet, or ranger may not have room in your area and taken to next pound.
One dog was finally reunited with his family after being lost in the bush for 4 months.


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If you know anyone in there Wanneroo area please get them to keep pets on their property and only walk dogs on the leash. The City of Wanneroo is doing a feral animal control programme from 7th January.
Also in Greenwood a property owner was told to control rodents and one cat has already died and vets have had a few other cases of poisoning come through their doors.

In another area rat baiting stations were tampered with and lids removed, then the baits broken up and scattered in a park where kids play.

Also be careful in the backyard, people are throwing things over fences with snail or mice pellets. I think a puppy in Port Kennedy was the victim of this. Another two dogs survived on the property.


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Just update on the City of Wanneroo feral animal control. The control agent they are using for rabbits is Pindone. This causes a suffering and cruel death. They are also releasing RHDV. If you are or have friends and family in the COW or surrounds suburbs make sure their pet rabbits are immunised against RHDV and the council have suggested insect proof mesh put on hutches.

They are also using soft foot traps to control foxes. I hope in this weather that they are checked daily as any pets caught will not be able to get to water and possibly shade.

The place the baiting stations were vandalised was Fantasy Park in Waikiki.


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Please be careful with your pets. Baited pets have been recorded from Yanchep to Mandurah with rat bait.
Also if you are missing a pet, as stated previously, do not discount cats or dogs found in other areas. Cats hitch rides on or in various vehicles and dogs can be relocated by mean people or stolen.
A border collie was lost in Duncraig before Christmas, was found in Hamilton Hill and taken to Cockburn pound last week. People are looking for non desexed dogs to make money.

Also a rabbit was found in a park in Balga. This poor wee poppet was found in a box that had been sealed with wide tape and no food, water or AIR HOLES. It had wee'd and this made a hole.
The vet said luckily it must not have been there long.


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A self confessed cat killer is still living in Warnbro. Try to keep your cats inside or an enclosure.

A dog went missing from Innaloo and was picked up by Wanneroo rangers in Carabooda. If your pet goes missing please check all Shire animal holding facilities.


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A 20 year old cat missing from Bassendean was found in Lockridge 2 days later and taken to the City of Belmont's preferred animal control facility (Julie's Kennels 85% euthanized).
Luckily he has been reunited with owner.
Seems someone thinks its funny to dump pets in other suburbs.


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A deceased black horse has been found on Dale Road in either Armadale or Karragullen. It is on the Roleystone community page.

Also a deceased dog and cat found on the side of South West Highway in Keysbrook. Looks like they have been shot.


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Perth Rescue Angels will have to euthanize 30 cats unless foster homes can be found.

On the cat haven lost and found web site the names are given to the cats in preparation for homing if owners do not come forward.
If the cat is microchipped and on the cat haven lost and found page it means the contact details on the microchipped have not been updated or its not registered. Either way owners are not able to be contacted.


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A cat was found 25km from its home. Cats can hitch a ride but if they are being a nuisance someone is catching and dumping in other suburbs.

Warning do not read further distressing content.
An Armadale cat rescue had a very upsetting find last week. Someone had left a large plastic storage container next to a dumpster out the back of their building. There was holes drilled into the side with two cats inside. The poor things had been drowned.


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Can people make sure their pets are microchipped.
It seems quite a few vets are not sending the paperwork to register the chips with the microchip providers. I forget what the two registration companies are called.
Also when taking your pet to the vet get them to check the chip is still working.

The Cat Haven has a few found cats but either the contact details are not up to date or the chip has not been registered. Unchipped cats are held for about 3 days and chipped cats are held for about a week before they are put through their system for rehoming. They cannot hold on to them for very long as they get over 4,000 cats thru their door a year.

If you look at my opening post on this thread you will see that some cats and dogs do not get to go home and rescues are not able to find foster homes for all of the dogs and cats in the pound. Please make sure your pet is microchipped, it has your up to date contact details on it and that it is still working.

If you have a lost cat or dog please check all surrounding council animal facilities. They also get breeds of dogs and sexes wrong. There are some people relocating pets to other suburbs, also cats can hitch a ride.


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Yippee a Sharpei x found after being lost for 4 years.

Also if you are transporting dogs via plane to Perth Airport please make sure that they have secure carriers and/or collar/leads.
One dog's carrier failed last week and escaped. Luckily it ended up confined to a very large fenced carpark and was caught today.

Unfortunately in June a kelpie slipped her collar and got out into the bush around the airport. Sadly they use 1080 heavily and she has not been seen since 26th June.

If anyone is looking for a new dog or cat please consider homing from one of the many rescue groups so that they can save another life from the pound.
Lots of non registered or old details on microchips. These pets cannot be reunited with their owners from the pound and if no room for the rescues to take they will be pts.


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People on hobby farms/rural subdivisions need to keep their dogs to the property. Unfortunately someone in Gidgie forgot to shut the gate and their 2 dogs got lost.
After a few days the dogs (microchipped) were returned to them by the ranger, but unfortunately they had been shot by a farmer as they had gone onto his property.
I am not sure how many local shires allow farmers to shoot dogs that wander onto their properties. I wonder how many farmers have done this but not called rangers.
There is an increase in hobby farms/farmlets surrounded by large farms.


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If anyone is looking for a dog there are a few rescues trying to get dogs out of the pound before it is too late. They are desperately looking for fosters so the dogs can get out.
It seems that a lot of cats are not being microchipped or owners are not checking to make sure their details are on the chip.
Or the chips are failing. Maybe a ploy for the chip companies to get more money. Read one owner had to chip their dog 3 times.

Too many dogs and cats still having to be euthanised because their owners cannot be contacted.
Or owners cannot afford to get them out of the pound.


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There are stolen/lost dogs being sold on Gumtree.
Please put locks on gates so strong wind and burglars cannot open them. This makes it dangerous in a potential fire hazard I know. You cannot walk your dog to the shops anymore or leave your pets in the backyard.


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When people go to work can they please put their pets inside the laundry or bathroom when a thunderstorm is forecast. There are over 95 dogs missing in the Perth and surrounding suburbs from Tuesday until this morning. No sure how many in the regional towns. It seems a lot of people do not put collars on their dogs let alone Council tags or id tags. This greatly reduces the changes of these poor dogs being returned to owners and then they have to run the gauntlet of going thru the pound and hoping that there is a place in a rescue/rehoming facility available or being smooched on the road or railway line or shot by a farmer. People should be responsible for their pets. Tuesday's storm was sudden but Wednesday and Thursday were on the radio and tv forecasts.

Please note keeping found pets without going thru the proper procedures is stealing.
Vets do free microchip checks or you can call the rangers. If you see pets running around loose ring the ranger or if on highways/freeways call Main Roads. Hopefully they will be caught before they get smooched. At least 1 cat everyday is found on a road.

Anyone travelling near Wandering can you keep an eye out for a sighted poor pig hunting dog. It was sighted in the area very skinny and still wearing its shield guard. The dog is white with black patches.

Also there was an accident on Brockman Highway last month and when the driver got out to help his passenger his dog got out and ran into the bush. The dog is black, german shepherd x and is somewhere between Nannup and Karridale.


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I know this is an old thread, but I have noticed a lot of found dogs and cats that vets and rangers have not been able to locate a microchip in the poor pet or the microchip has no information on it.
During COVID lockdown a lot of rescues were able to home dogs and cats as companions for people stuck at home. Since people have been going back to work there are pets being returned to rescues and any found pets without microchips and no way of getting back to owners are at risk of being pts. There are just not enough carers to home the animals.

I am not sure of any recent numbers of pets at pounds and euthanisation rates since the 2016/2017 numbers calculated in my first post of this thread.
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